Schefter reveals full Panthers offer

He says it was 8, Bridgewater, and a 5th. I’d have probably taken this over the Rams package mostly because I think Bridgewater might be close enough to Goff that back to back picks in the top 10 would be good enough for me.

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There is a substantial gap between peak Goff and peak Bridgwater.

Can we unearth peak Goff once again? :man_shrugging:

I prefer the Rams deal


Rams deal better for us and better for Stafford. Win win.


Bridgewater is not nearly as good as Goff. I’m not sure Teddy will ever throw 20 TDs in a single season. He is who he is.


He also said we asked for Aaron Donald. At least Holmes tried.


LOL it’s clear you would have taken anything that doesnt involve Goff. You dont even have to mention that at this point. :joy:


Don’t get me wrong, Aaron Donald would be awesome. But we are more than one DT away from being a contender and Donald is 30, with a big contract, and only under contract for 2 years.

Yep and when we pass on Fields it’s going to be even worse next season. Goff will be the reason we lose every game


Rams offer to me was the best. Goff has more upside possibly.

No. I’d rather have Goff than Drew Lock who apparently we were offered from Denver along with their 9. Drew Lock is absolutely horrible. I also wouldn’t take Wentz for any reason, so it’s great that the Bears are going to give up assets for him.

Other than that, yeah, you’re probably right.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, god knows I’m not shy about sharing mine.

So I’m asking… are you “owning this?” Because half the stuff that gets tossed around in this forum is bordering on hyperbole.

So you are so absolutely sure that Fields would take a 5-11 Lions team to the SB within 3 years? That is exactly what Jared Goff did year 3 on a Rams teams just a completed a 7 year run of losing seasons.

He went 11-4 in his first full year as a starter, went to the playoffs. Then went 13-3, was an Pro Bowler at 23 and 24 years of age.

This same brilliant Rams team that many think could contend for a SB didn’t just take Goff with a 1st rounder, they traded 6 picks to take him #1 overall and it worked.

If Fields was expected to be a Pro Bowler by year 2, and play in a SB year 3, then don’t you think he’d go #1?

Because if he’s “expected” to be that good and that successful, and he’s clearly the #2 in this class, then are you predicting Lawrence and Fields to be on par with Mahomes and Watson?

I am very happy with the trade return. Next year will be a huge draft for us and many say next year is a better draft anyway. Very curious to see the next moves of this new regime.

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Depending on Fields’s situation and how much help the Jags give Lawrence, then yes, I do.

A lesser QB (Teddy V. Goff), the 8th OA pick (VERY valuable) and then a 5th this season. Not as good as 2 future 1st, a 2021 3rd and Goff even with the $ that comes with Goff.

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By the way, if we asked for Donald that to me shows Holmes knows we need to get better at DT AND he isn’t that concerned with $.

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Bro, I want nothing to do with Fields in any round of the draft. I think he is going to be a huge bust and out of the league in three years. Dude can only read half a field


long-time Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin dropped this nugget late Saturday night: Wentz to the Bears. For a first-round pick, running back Tarik Cohen, and . . . quarterback Nick Foles.

Like that the Bears continue to burn long-term assets.

Bridgewater truly would’ve been a “bridge” QB.

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It’s a negotiation. Just because someone asks for something doesn’t necessarily mean they expect to get it or that is their real endpoint.

Rams: will you take Goff?

Lions: with that contract? what about Donald?

Rams: can’t do that.

Lions: oh, ok, Goff, but we need more sugar.

I have a feeling you are right. The Lions won’t take Fields… :man_facepalming: