Score Predictions

I feel on top of the world. 33-30 Chiefs. Hey, I’m being generous.


Lions one more point than the chiefs at the end of regulation!

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all things considered–our o line vs their d line—we win—their d line vs our o line–we win----barely—game will be won mostly in the back field --i say we win 24 – 20—difference maker–mahommes first time in dome–and crowd noise i think rattles him a bit–and putting my faith in patrica to devise a good game plan along with bevel—i think we pound at least 1 td on a running play----again -just my 2 cents , or could be a penny

I think the Lions plan will be to run it a lot, force long clock eating drives both for the Lions and KC. If the Lions can execute that then I think the Lions can win. This means fewer scores. This means that KC Offense will do more sitting.

Lions Offense has a big game on the ground because KC’s Run Defense is giving up 6.2 yrds per run. Ranked the worst in the NFL. The Lions offense puts up over 150 yrds in total rushing.

The Lions Defense runs a heavy cover 3 daring KC to run it as they drop 7 into coverage and only rush the QB with 3 DL. They keep a LBer home as a RB/QB spy. KC is forced into long drives and running the ball more. Detroit gives up a lot of underneath yrds but limits big plays and is able to force KC into several FG situations. And a turnover. Finishing +1 in turnover ratio.

Ford Feild is hoping and the crowd is Loud and in to it big time. Forcing KC into a few false starts and play mixups.

KC 27 - Lions 30 in a huge upset.

The only way I do this is by assuming someone has a gun to my head and I have to give an answer
Lions get a running game 150+ yards
Hockenson gets 100+ yards again— nobody on KC D is good match up against him
Bevel adds new wrinkles again that catches KC by surprise

Patricia finds a way to slow down KC
Defense mostly executes da plan
For the first time in his career, Mahomes is held to < 26 points

Lions 27 Chiefs 24
Many call it an fugly game
We don’t care …

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I’ll probably be wrong, but if I’m right, I’ll be the only one:
Tie 27-27.
We go 2-0-2. Weird.

Ha. Probably.

Not predicting a score… just this…Prater 65yd fg for the W

Reality check. Lions are going to lose by 17-24 points

Mahomes gets me 50+ points in fantasy this week and they cruise to an easy 52-49 victory.