Scout's Take On Barnes


As you know he was one of my favorites. Once I saw him flash some coverage traits at Senior Bowl practices I was sold. Not that you want him in coverage a lot or anything but he’s so damn versatile. And usually versatile linebackers can be a little bit on the finesse side. Not Barnes.

Thanks for sharing btw.


I can’t believe more posters aren’t going gaga over his power. That and he hits his top speed in a flash and still seems to have an extra little burst at times. (His days as a RB paying off, I’d guess.) We’re so LB-starved here in the D, I could see him getting a lot of attention this year and quickly becoming a crowd favorite.


And we really need a Mike. I mean Collins can play there but I think he’s best being moved around and he’s in the twilight of his career anyhow.

I’m a bad talent evaluator bc I generally just gravitate towards guys that are fun to watch. Barnes is really fun to watch play.

Sewell and the DTs are as well. Our skill position players are more the silent assassin types. You don’t realize how bad they’re killing you till you look at the box score.

Damn fine draft.

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I reckon Anzalone will be Mr Green Dot this year with Barnes learning the ropes and getting snaps at multiple positions.

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He’s pretty good in coverage. And he shares hairdressers with Trevor Lawrence. Aside from that he’s pretty meh.

But if they get replacement level play out of Dunbar and Anzalone that’s a pretty solid ROI.

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Sure, but who’s ahead of him on the roster? He’s a New Orleans guy so that gives him a leg up, at least from a QB-of-the-defense perspective.

Oh he’s totally fine. At 1.75m I was bullish on the signing. If he’s healthy he’s + in the passing game, - in the run game and a league average starter overall. He doesn’t suck he’s just someone we’ll be looking to upgrade soon here.

What scheme are we running first of all? Are we using more of a traditional off ball Mike and Will? It’s hard tell who will be where without having a full understanding of what we’re running.

Those are all very good questions for which I don’t have good answers.

Guys, ignoring what might happen on the line itself, we’ll still be rolling with 2 off ball linebackers. Probably week 1 starters are Anzalone and Collins. We’ll see how creative they get, but I can see Collins moving onto the line for some snaps while Barnes or JRM come in.

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That makes the most sense to me.

I am a firm believer that range is an important skill set for a LBer. Especially an Inside LBer.

He’s a gritty player with range … what more do you want from an inside LBer?

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And long arms and some hand in the dirt pass rush chops so you can do some exotic stuff every so often if you’re so inclined.

The Saints had a specific role for him in thier sub packages. I suspect he was brought here for the same purpose. My belief is we’re going to see a ton of Nickel defense.

His tackling is definitely better than Jarrod Davis

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33.375 inch arms and 81.375 inch wingspan and just over 6 feet tall… :muscle: :eyes:

And… 9.75 inch hands.

Those physical traits can allow a guy that is just over 6 foot tall to play like a taller player.

I’m sure you’re right. Who is our 3-down linebacker with the green dot on his helmet? Somebody has to be the guy, be it Anzalone, Barnes, Collins, JRM or Tavai. My best guess at the moment is Anzalone.

Anzalone being a 3 down backer would be fine if Barnes is ready to assume a starting role by game 5. Anzalone seems to be injured frequently, but the talent is there, just not full time.