Screaming from the arm chair all the entire off-season

We were thin there going in. The injury exacerbates that. I was really hoping we would draft the Stidham guy the Patriots ran out there, then again, I was hoping we would bring in a quality back-up. I knew Connor Cook weren’t the answer. Fales isn’t. Savage was scratched off the list.

Lions brought in Josh Johnson and ex-steeler Landry Jones, ick, ick phooey.

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Colin Kapernick is out there (way out there).
He’s available and better than anyone we have.
Don’t like his politics or the side show, but, desperate times call for desperate measures.
I’m sure the players would welcome him, and he would make the team better…and that’s what is all about, right?

I see what you’re doing there. A guy like koepernick. A guy who was third string behind Blaine Gabbert… Who has never completed 60 percent of his passes. A guy who was only successful in one system, not ours. You want a distraction with an agenda, with the media circus that is sure to come with it.


I liked Stidham slot too. However I had him pegged as a good 5th round pick and he went at the end of the 4th. So if Quinn wanted him where I wanted him, we would have missed him.

I wa getting him in the fifth and sixth till the week before the draft, he took the next step.