Seahawks releasing Dunlap

Is he someone the lions would go after to replace a possible departure of Okwara?

He’s 32 years old, likely not a fit unless it was on a 1 year deal with lots of incentives, we did that with Tyrell.

I think he is worth investigating on the price tag. He still has 1-2 good years left in him. If we sign him and let Romeo walk, we basically get a 3rd or 4th round pick as well. So would you rather have Romeo or Dunlap+3rd rd pick? I’ll take the extra draft capital. By the time we are actually competitive, Romeo will be aging and probably not worth the money. He also has only produced one year. Dunlap has been solid for years.

That makes very little sense, Romeo is 25 years old, just entering his prime.


Romeo is 25 but also * Signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted rookie free agent on May 6, 2016.

why do we get a rd 3 pick?

Comp picks are given based on what the player gets for average salary with his next team and that assumes we don’t sign someone of similar value as a free agent. I think we sit back and sign guys that are cut and cheap free agents so we get comp picks for okwara and/or Golladay.

I released my belly that dunlap’s over my belt.

Assume that Dunlap may well end up back at the Seahawks or some other contender just on a more cap friendly deal.