Seahawks RT Lucas to IR

Can’t say I envy his replacement. Hutch might have himself a day.


Do we get another asterisk because Lucas and Cross are going to be out?


So, when we went 3-13-1 with our O-line in shambles, I don’t remember any of those 13 losses getting ***'s




Hutch almost alway lines up over RT right? Or am I foggy from the mid-week two-hearteds?

Do you guys agree that he should line up there against non-Mahomes QBs? Or should he be moved around more?

I think a ton of false starts and holding not called

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**** spells ■■■■

So where can I get my Geno Oh my gawd! t shirt?

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Hutch probably


Orlandis Gary says asterix

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Astro-Risk would be a great board game. Once it exists I think I’ll concentrate my intergalactic troopers on Jupiter as it’s the terrestrial/gas giant planetary bottleneck.

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Seahags signed 2 additional tackles off of practice squads… PFT seemed to suggest that Cross and Lucas will both be out. Peters said he wasn’t sure how ready he’d be by Sunday, although he practiced today. So this is how the Lions will get 10 sacks this Sunday in a blowout win in front of a drooling crowd of asterisks.

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Attacking Uranus joke in 3…2…1

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Question is Hutchinson the only player that gets hold every play or is it the college he went to? I mean i agree he gets held a ton, but he can’t be the only one, right?

I sure hope so


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The Carl Nassib *

Alright, gotta go get canceled now.

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I want the Lions to asterisk the hell out of this league. You know what you call a Super Bowl banner with an asterisk on it? A ■■■■■■■ Super Bowl banner, that’s what.

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The Seahawks sure AF don’t seem to care. The Broncos were down their starting LT and 5 starters on defense…including Von Miller and Chris Harris.

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