Sean Payton officially out

He did get his one ring, and got robbed for a chance for another ring with the non-PI call. Sounds like he needs a break from the grind.


Posted in the other payton thread as well.

Most of me wants to keep Glenn. Part of me doesn’t care.

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Wow! Did not expect this one. Hope he avoids the NFC North next year!

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I just hope we keep our coaching staff together dammit

Hope Glenn stays at least 1 more year… getting 2 comp picks at end of round 3 would be nice.


Stay away from AG!! For just one more year, please! We need lots and lots of beanz!


Jk. PAYton is going to get $18 mil to broadcast for Fox or Amazon next year, then take the Cowboys job the following season.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Jerrah is subsidizing his “year off”.

Maybe if McCarthy hangs on one more year.

The Saints are in the worst cap situation in league. He probably doesn’t want to go through a rebuild after 15 years.

Good for AG if he gets it. I’d rather AP gets another year with AG and then possibly promote him. AP has the fire to handle the job.


I’d be happy for glenn but that job is setting someone up for failure. You have no starting quarterback, an aging roster and are in salary cap hell. Not ideal for anyone, let alone a first year coach.

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I could totally see something like this.

I’ve been much more interested in the Packer problems, but what a horrible situation Glenn would be walking into, despite the deep connections he has there.

Seems like a tough sell to bring AG in as the HC… and bypass Dennis Allen who was the DC when AG was the DB coach.

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That’s really it. I just want the comps. I like what he did this year, but I have a bit of trepidation, too, with a coach that does the gimmicky padlock and film burials. If it works, great, but it gives me pause. That and some of the sideline gaffs this years. My guess is that other teams are going to let him go through some growing pains here, which is perfectly fine. He needs the opportunity that we provide and it can be mutually beneficial. His growth will likely mean that I’ll regret losing him next year (if it happens), but so be it.

AG goes to the saints, we have our trade partner to move down, saints pick their qb of the future, we continue to stack 1st round picks.

“Only” one ring is better than most coaches in the NFL. And he had a hell of a run at New Orleans… But I also a lot of that on having a hell of a run w Brees

It’s looking more like Brady made Belichick
Shanny’s genius seemed to disappear about the same time Elway retired

I put a lot of Sean Payton’s success on having Drew Brees but I could be off-base. It’s it’s just seems like more and more it becomes obvious to me that the key piece of a coach’s success is having a Hall of Fame quarterback. As evidenced by all the guys that have coached Brett Farve and Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and all seem to be successful coaches…until they are coaching somewhere else

to be fair… Sean Payton called the on-side kick that shocked the world… and that was key to Brees getting his ring as well.


Yeah I really don’t see how Dennis Allen gets that job.

Why replace Dennis Allen with the guy who was under Dennis Allen?

Without a doubt that is one of the gutsiest calls in Super Bowl history and it changed the direction of the game

No matter what else you can’t say he coached scared

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