Seattle Pick #5…

Seems like a big spot in regards to the Lions and who they pick. There seems to be momentum of them going QB at 5. Curious to hear if that has any affect on the Lions.


More talk…obviously very early but I could see 4 QB’s going before us. That would drop someone to us.

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Please let 4 qbs go in top 5!


I think Seattle and Detroit are in very similar spots. The one key difference is that Carrol probably has 2-3 years of coaching left. Don’t know if that would impact the decision.

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Seattle is going through the same process we are, except their QB is less accomplished overall and older. They’d be crazy not to consider a QB there. I mean Caroll probably doesn’t want to waste a pick on it at 70, my guess, but its very logical.

Before the Jalen Carter news yesterday this would have been huge. I doubt Chicago drops out of the top 5. Also, whta is Arizona going to do? Arizona is probably looking at Anderson or Wilson or trade down.

Right now it is looking like Will Anderson or trade down as the best scenario for the Lions.


I don’t see how 4 QBs get taken in the top 5 unless somebody besides Houston or Indy trades up to #1.
As long as Chicago and Arizona stay in the top 5, it’ll be 3 QBs max unless the Bears swerve everybody and go QB.

Well thats the thing, Vegas, Atlanta, Carolina, and Tennessee all sit between 7-11 and you can make a case for everyone of them trading up for a QB. I personally think Atlanta and Tennessee don’t seriously entertain it, but both Vega and especially Carolina may.

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  1. Why assume Pete Carroll needs a top 10 QB to win? He won a lot of games with mid round pick QB and a Geno Smith castaway.

  2. John Schneider loves to trade down. In fact no GM (outside of Belichick) has traded down more in the last decade of drafts.

The Seahawks need a top 10 pick at QB to win? WHY?

Their history tells me it’s more likely they move down or select another position.

That would be the first time in history with that many QBs going that early.

This is how I see it. It would take a few trades for something weird like that to happen.

If I was in Chicago’s spot, I would try and trade down twice and still be picking top 9 to get my OT.

I think Fields is going to suck again but I would take my QB next year. Build team first, then add QB instead of trying draft QB now around a sucky team.

Chicago to #4 and then to 5-9 to a team that wants to trade up.

Yeah, that’s the scenario. If one of those teams behind Detroit trades up to the #1 or #3 and Seattle takes QB it’s possible that 4 QBs come off the board. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Houston and Indy takes one but after that, it would require chaos for two more to be taken.

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