Seeing the return the Giants got, would you have traded down with the Bears?

Details of that deal:

NYG receives: 20, 164 (5th), 2022 1st, 2022 4th

CHI receives: 11

That 1st is projected as number 11 right now by Tankathon, which I think is using the reverse super bowl odds but don’t quote me on that.

I think we also would’ve taken Kadarius Toney at 20, but if we didn’t, it probably would’ve been Christian Darrisaw based off of what positions they were looking at at 7.

I know we would want a premium for trading in the division like that, but regardless, the Bears got the guy they wanted.

Assuming the Bears get Fields whether you make this deal or not, so the benefit of hindsight, would you have taken that deal to get 3 1sts next year?

Absolutely not. We’ve got enough extra picks in the future. Draft the stud and move on. No need to overthink it.



I would assume next year’s pick to be 20, also.

Stepping away from a blue-chipper (Sewell) to pick 2 players with 2nd round grades over 2 years does not appeal to me at all, especially with a division rival.


No, simply because I believe the Lions would’ve had better offers from other teams wanting to move up without having to drop down to No. 20.

No, not to a divisional team, not with an All Pro sitting there according to people, not enough back in return to trade to the bears, and the drafts over. Let it die…move on.

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Well… We were 4 spots higher than the Giants, which just by the point chart would have been another 250 points which is the equivalent of another high 3rd round pick in the same draft. Change the haul to what the Giants got, plus say Chicago’s 2nd rounder and we give back a 2022 4th, maybe that wouldn’t have been too bad.

Decker is our LT and will be for the foreseeable future. Sewell, who was my #1 target btw is going to be our RT. So the question becomes for me how much better of a RT will Sewell be compared to Darrisaw who we could have gotten if we make that trade. Fields goes to Chicago regardless of whether it’s us that gives him to them or another team, he just costs a little more for them if it’s us. Is “settling” for Darrisaw worth picking up say:

1 Darrisaw
2a Onwuzurike
2b JOK who went at 20
3a McNeill
3b Melifonwu
4a St. Brown
4b Barnes
5 Jamar Johnson who went at 164
7 Jefferson

THEN rolling into 2022 with a

Hmmmm… Basically Sewell OR Darrisaw, JOK, J Jackson AND a 3rd 2022 1st rounder? Sorry, love me some Sewell but we’d have slightly downgraded at RT and picked up 2 new starters at WILB/ Nickle LB who was the finest cover LB in the draft and SS. I know Wes says not to overthink it, but sorry I did and it is good.

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The article suggests that the Lions may have been able to trade down and “still get their guy” but didn’t want to take the risk of losing Sewell to the Panthers. That sounds like the Broncos or Cowboys.

In any event, no.


The guy they were trying to trade up to get, fell to them.

It’s a HELL no. Take the stud and move on.

They did the right thing.

The offer would have to have screamed “you got take this”, aka a huge overpay.


Lions had trade offers Holmes confirmed.

Holmes ran to the phone to put in the Sewell pick. I was shocked how fast they put that pick in. There were like 4 minutes left per the NFL on the clock.


Give it up with the Fields talk… We would have needed more than what the Giants got… They were outside the top 10…

I can get that. BUT when we are watching Alex Anzalone cover in this scheme, and thinking it might have been JOK, then a still dominant rookie RT, perhaps a starting Safety, AND another 1st round pick next year, maybe it does scream you got to take this. Not to be and I’m thrilled with Sewell falling to us, but this is just a what could have been hypothetical. If we didn’t have Decker at LT long term, I may feel differently, but we are talking two RT’s for us here and Darrisaw is no A-Aron Gibson…

One thing the Lions do well, is fuck up draft picks. I’m happy they drafted a blue chipper

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As Lions fans I always feel like the stud player is drafted just before our pick almost every time. Rarely does one of the best players in the draft fall in our laps. I never once thought Sewell would make it to us. So … once he fell to us it became a no brainer selection.

Lions fans …we should be happy that we landed one of the best players in the draft.


Arguably THE best player in the draft. And I’m still not totally sold on Lawrence…

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2000 Shawn Alexander (3 Pro Bowls, 1 NFL MVP) one pick later Stockar McDougal

2001 Steve Hutchinson (7 Pro Bowls, HOFer) one pick later Jeff Backus

2002 Julius Peppers (9 Pro Bowls, 159.5 sacks) one pick later Joey Strawberries

*In three consecutive drafts over THREE draft spots, we missed out on 19 Pro Bowls to ZERO!!! This HAS to be a record of futility!!

2019 Josh Allen (1 Pro Bowl as a rookie) one pick later TJ Hockenson (1 Pro Bowl)

2020 Chase Young (1 Pro Bowl as a rookie) one pick later Jeff Okudah

Literally 21 Pro Bowls to 1. Damn.


Are you insane? We always need MOAR BEENZ!

tenor (1)


Julius Peppers!

Thank you, will update!

also… in 2015… Bud Dupree went 22nd to Steelers.
I was hoping Lions would get him, but note sure if they were really interested.

Lions had 23rd pick, and then traded back to #28 and selected Laken Tomlinson.

I always wondered if they traded back because they had lost out on Dupree… or if they knew they could get Tomlinson later. :man_shrugging: