Sending prayers to Mike Leach

Rumor is he had a massive heart attack at his home in Starkville and was airlifted to the Jackson hospital. Reports have said “he needs a miracle”.

He is absolutely one of my favorite personalities in all of sports and one guy that I really enjoy watching both on and off the football field. Would absolutely hate to lose him like this.



prayers man…


Lane Kiffin is being quoted talking about him in the past tense so I fear this guy may he telling the truth.

More credible sources haven’t said anything yet, but unfortunately from what everyone seems to be hearing we shouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happens.

He was coaching the guys getting ready for their game against Illinois yesterday. It really is amazing how quick it can all change.

Texas Tech affiliated account say they know that as of now that he is still alive. Thoughts and prayers!

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Seems that the latest update is that he is brain dead and on a breathing machine. Was taken off of life support about an hour ago.

They’re apparently letting the family say their goodbyes before they pull the plug.

Really really sad day for all of football.

Oh shit, that’s brutal. Leach was not only a good coach but freaken hilarious. Only 61, shit way too soon

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Just…Wow. I’m 64 and this puts everything in perspective.


Mike passed away today at 10:16am


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Leach transformed the game more than just about anyone over the past 20 years. He was entertaining as hell and redefined the passing game. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves.


In memory of Mike Leach I give you the most Air Raid of all Air Raid games. A 2014 game between Cal and WSU. Mike Leach on one side with Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin on the other. A veritable who’s who of the Air Raid system where defense doesn’t feel the need to make much of an appearance.

Also check out Cal’s sophomore QB, he might be player the Lions could take a flyer on.