Senior Bowl TE teams announced

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Dulcich is a solid two way option. Likely and Calcaterra both have a lot of promise as big skill guys. The latter has the head injury history of course. Not familiar with Bellinger but we do badly need an inline guy so if that’s his forte than it makes some sense.

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which te are we taking at pick #2?

Wish we could have gotten a closer look at Ruckert, think he’s gonna be a much better pro than college player.



I’d be a tad surprised if we drafted a TE to be honest.

I suspect us to look towards free agency to add depth in that dept.

I could see us targeting Gerald Everrett. A former Ram. A solid TE option as well.

He’s coming off a one year 6 mil contract with Sea.

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I agree that TE has a good chance of being added in UFA… there are quite a few options this year… and they don’t have to long-term deals either.

For me it wouldn’t be anything more than a day 3 punt, but there’s some good depth in this class. UFA is fine too, but I agree with CH that we could use an inline guy.

Here’s my thought process. Sign a quality veteran TE on a one or two year deal. Someone who can be a receiving option instead of targeting an expensive WR in free agency. Bring Reynolds back.

Then draft a WR (or two) one high in the draft.

With Hock, TE2, Brown, Cephus, Reynolds and along with a rookie quality WR1 the Lions receiving corp has plenty of options.

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He’s IMO better than any option in the draft for what we need.

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As far as free agent tight ends go, Maxx Williams is probably the most useful for what the Lions want to establish on offense.

Clearly neither of you guys drafted Everett in fantasy this year lol. He was a comedy of errors.

And then this travesty:

And that’s without mentioning his missed blocks, etc… Seattle fans hate him, some calling him the worst Seahawk of all time. That’s hyperbole obviously, but it certainly makes me think twice and then a third time before I’d sign him.

We have 7 on roster now might as well add couple more,

Nothing in Sea was consistent this year. Wilson included.

Everrett has always been a tad inconsistent with his hands but like Pettigrew he’s also made some spectacular plays. Over his career he’s been a fairly decent TE and that’s why he got a 1 year 6 mil contract from Sea.

As a TE2 you’d be hard pressed to find a better option. Truth is he’s been a TE1 most of his career. I want him for TE2 and as insurance. I also think it’s better to get another quality TE over a low end WR we would get for roughly the same money.

Just my two cents.

I like him a lot. I think he can be satisfactory as our in-line guy while giving a heckuva a lot more in the pass game than the Josh Hill’s of the world.