Sept 2 wish list

The Plain Jane draft , aka waiver wire, at the end of preseason should net us some new players. Of course we will put in a list of claims in order of bpa. I want one of Oakland’s WRs. I easily see us putting in claims for rg, wr, qb and lb. Lets hope someone good gets bypassed 7 times and lands in our lap. Fingers crossed.
P.S. Maybe we can trade with the Giants again:)

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I’d love to see us trade for a legit starting OG, OG…or a young OG, either way!

A saving grace for us is that we’re in Nickel 70+% of the time. Maybe we go even more, with the lack of LB depth (until Davis comes back around the bye week).

I’d be cool with a band-aid type LB for this season. Same with WR.

The way Quinn has built this team, I’m excited to see him get another draft or two under his belt. Loving the overall direction of the team.

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Yes for sure. Hopefully we can find someone that is cut or big value trade with another team, like we got Snacks last year.

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It’d be great to get a really fast WR or a better backup QB, or an OG than Wiggins or an experienced MLB that can get it done while Jarrad is out. But they could also use a CB, or an OT. Somebody that improves the team by getting somebody that is better than the 53rd guy on the roster.

Speaking of high value trades…

I wonder what A’Shawn’s value is right about now? Contract year, and according to PPF, ranked 15 at his position last season…

Could he possibly fetch us a player to fill one of those spot(s) that still seem a little weak? Draft pick?

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Great Idea! If he could get us a 15th-ish level guard, that’d be fantastic.
We may be able to trade some of the fringe players they are afraid might not clear waiver wire too. Thompson, Fulgham, Nuata?

how many TEs and RBs do they want to keep and who has trade value?

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