Sewell Starting LT

Looks like…

Welp, at least he can wipe his butt with his normal hand now.


I have no idea why they quoted Wirfs, who never played LT at IOWA. He was on the right side because Alaric Jackson couldn’t make the change to the right side. Wirfs hadn’t played on the left side since his HS days.

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With all the talk the past day or two of where these guys have spent all camp, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how Patricia-led teams rotated all through camp. It’s an interesting difference that might have led to different conversations this week. Had something like this occurred last year, there wouldn’t be any hesitation in flipping sides. This year though? Decker can’t play RT and Sewell now can’t play Left.

Interesting to me is the advancement of Nelson. He beat out Vaitai, Crosby and Skipper. That’s amazing. This team began this season with him at OT3 and he’s seeing action in week 1. Wow, huh? Whether it was him or Vaitai, just looking at the depth chart kind of pointed to Sewell at LT. I just don’t know how many reps Nelson himself has had at LT. Seems like Skipper was LT in camp, but I could be wrong about that.


Writer swung and Whirfed on that


Yes, yes he did. Wirfs is an animal, the next OL animal to come out of IOWA will be Tyler Linderbaum.

Who plays RT? Nelson?

Exactly this

But I was kinda having this conversation around here when wondering what the lions big picture plan is for Sewell.

It speaks to what if we now see Sewell look much better at LT than he did at RT
If eventual plan was for Sewell to be LT
Then how does Decker feel about it ?

My question earlier was what makes line better ? If Sewell better at LT than RT and Decker better at RT than Sewell best combo could be Sewell at LT

If Sewell looks good after struggling some at RT , what are risks of moving him back to RT ?

Right as line supposed to dominate , but I didn’t notice if Zach Martin missing game was reason cowboys lost.

I believe this was kind of down the rabbit hole I was pondering on with what the Lions best case scenario was for their bog picture of what they hope will happen over Sewell career

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Tristan Wirfs was a better LT than Alaric Jackson, IOWA was smart enough to move him to the right side though because Jackson couldn’t make the transition. It’s still early, but anyone who says that it’s no big deal is lying or too dumb to actually know.

Well you have a fair amount of disagreement between former OL as to how big of a deal it is. Like pretty much anything the difficulty in adapting varies based off of the individual.

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Exactly, so either the guy can or he can’t.

Well that and/or the adjustment period for some is longer

Sewell already said he will go back to RT when Decker returns.

Yep, no reason to throw up your arms, wait it out. It could be that he moves inside, like Gallery and Scherff. Both taken with higher picks than Sewell and both excelled at OG instead of LT. There is PLENTY of time to wait this out.

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Nelson had 64 rep’s at LT in the Steelers game.


So, at this point, I’m not putting money on anyone at any Tackle position. :slight_smile:

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Well Decker went on IR so Sewell is gonna get a few weeks at LT.

If Sewell plays well you can’t move him back to RT but you know what they say about “ if’s & but’s ).

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Sure you can.