SF says “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”

LA was without TG but still…they are what their record says they are. 8-0 looks real doable

Obviously I want the Lions to win a Super Bowl. But if its not us, I’ve got no problem with a Kyle Shanahan coached team to take the crown. I’m not saying they will, I just love him as a coach and I think he deserves the validation that a ring would give him.

I’ve said it before that the natural order of things for a team is to have a General Manager in place for a longer period of time, and allow 2-3 coaches before moving on from the GM. Kyle Shanahan is different for me. If I were an owner, I would go thru 2-3 GMs before I’d get rid of Kyle.


A lot of people just think Kyle is overrated and got work because of his dad

There is zero doubt he got his shot early because of his dad. But I think he is a better coach than his dad. His dad’s “genius” left town about the same time Elway did.

Kyle is doing it with a backup QB


And a 5th round TE.

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Kyle has his own resume that says he belongs, regardless of how he got his start.

Mike was a good coach. The biggest issue with Mike was he wanted personnel control, but he wasn’t good at evaluating personnel. But I will never forget something Shannon Sharpe said about Mike Shanahan. Paraphrasing it went something like “what you have to understand is that Mike Shanahan demands excellence in everything you do, every single day. If you are going into another weekly meeting, he wants it to be the best meeting any team has ever had. That’s who he is and what he demands of those who play for him. And if you aren’t ready to give your best every single day, you are going to butt heads with Mike.”


Last 2 weeks teams are 1-24 on 3rd and 4th down against SF.


That is an amazing stat. Their D has really been smothering the other team and flying to the ball

They had a really soft schedule to open and then they got the Rams without TG and Geoff is not the kind of guy who is going to beat you on his own.

We will see how they finish but they have looked great so far

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I think SF is for real. I firmly believe they can win their division. If you win your division then anything is possible.


True Story They have a great chance to win that Division

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That is an incredible thing to say about a guy who was the #1 overall pick in the draft and just signed a 4 year $134M extension. Its true…which makes it that much more incredible.

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I still need Jimmy G to prove it to me when it matters. I think he’s okay. Cousins like. I’m still unconvinced that he’s a championship quarterback. Though he could be in a Trent Dilfer/Brad Johnson kind of way. Though I don’t think S.F.’s defense is at that all time level. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Seahawks win that division. SF has a better team but Seattle is world’s better at QB.

Rams are a mess btw. I don’t think they are even going to the playoffs. The Browns are a bit of a mess too.

The Niners got blessed by the schedule gods this year though. It’s really hard to not see them going at least 12-4.

Agree. They have a schedule that should get them to the playoffs. They’ve also had some nice breaks along the way. I still totally expect them to finish no better than 10-6. I don’t think they are for real, as in a NFC title game contender. They will likely make the playoffs and get dusted in the first round.

Jimmy is now 13-2 as a starter in the NFL.

Fair enough. He was also admittedly pretty dynamic in 2017. I simply haven’t seen since. Just going off the eye test.

He pretty much gave the game away to us last year if not for that iffy Diggs hold across the field. Both this year and last he simply hasn’t looked like the type of QB that can lift his teammate to a Lombardi trophy. That’s just my novice opinion of course.

I agree I think the Rams will likely miss the playoffs. Sea and SF look like playoff caliber teams to me. I bet one makes the division while the other earns a WC spot.

I think the NFCN will likely provide the other WC spot.

I think the Eagles may beat the Cowboys and Giants out for their division.

While NO will win the south.

Carolina, New Orleans or one of the NFC N for the second wild card.

San Francisco looks built to win in January, to me. Love the balance and physicality on both sides of the ball.

John Lynch seems to know what he’s doing.

Martin Mayhew is the one pulling the strings.

Do you have a link where Lynch… Or anybody …other than you is saying this?