Shanahan screws another super bowl

He screwed Atlanta , now 49 ers . Defense playing well and you have 10 point lead now , you are not running enough when 8 yards per carry . This is the problem with Sean Payton and Shanahan . When your defense keep you in game , shanahan is trying to prove he is the man by passing

Both very fit guys, odd.

Fat is where it’s at!




Fitness don’t matter when you have mahomes ,he makes everyone looks good

Why didn’t they feature Debo more on jet sweeps and reverses? Seemed like it was 15 yards every time they tried it.

Not what you said before! Gotta be in good shape and look like player to win!


Ok ill answer this seriously. In retrospect you can say he made the wrong call, but its the chiefs. At the time i think it was right to be aggressive and go for the kill. You cant sit on a ten point lead against that Offense, they proved the entire playoffs that no lead is safe.

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Hmmm…so passing got you a 10 point lead in the 3rd quarter, but you shouldn’t keep passing to try to build the lead in the 4th quarter. Nevermind that 2 out of their 3 4th quarter drives were set back by penalty so they were in 1st & 15 and 3rd & 14. I went into this game thinking the 49ers were going to need to score at least 30 to have a chance. Mahomes decided to stop playing like shit in the 4th, if he played like he usually does all game, it wouldn’t have been close.

When you have a good defense , offensive play callers screwing it up is a trend in big games now

Provide proof please, sure looks like it worked all year for the 49ers. Oh, and KC actually had a better defense throughout the regular season going off PPG, their offense didn’t screw it up for them…fat coach and all.

Yeah it worked for him all year when he was in Atlanta too and screwed it after half time against good New England defense , same scenario

What are you even talking about? First you said that good defenses are screwed by offense, but Atlanta was up huge over New England BECAUSE of Shanahan, so the offense was screwed over by the defense.

Again, provide proof that offensive coaches are screwing over their good defense.

Looks like Patricia had his beard trimmed for that belly roll. Notice he is not moving the ankle well yet either.
I think he could be trying to work it off for espnbaby.

Sorry, really needed this in the other post about fat coaches.

You are saying Atlanta offense was hughe in first half ? What matters is the final score , how you finish . This is like saying Stafford is hall of famer with his passing yards . Everybody’s legacy is remembered for winning

I’m responding to your claim that offensive coaches screw over the defense, then you used a terrible example to backup your awful take… The offense put them up huge and their defense lost the game for them, the exact opposite of what you were claiming

I feel PM finally grew up in the 4th qtr and took over like a top QB should.

And KCs defense played better than I thought they would…

To me these won them the game.

Mahomes is the GOAT

I was surprised the way kc defense showed up too after playing crappy against us with all the injuries . Spaganolo is an aggressive cordinator, that make a big difference . Dom capers is the prime example where Green Bay didn’t have the right defensive cordinator for long time

1 great year, 1 really good year. Yep, best of all time.

Other GOATS based on Iggy’s criteria:

Charles Rogers at WR
Christian Okoye
Jeremy Lin
Brady Anderson
Cadillac Williams
Vince Young

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I called out Shanahan for turtling before halftime. Stopped KC on 3rd down with like 1:45 left. Had all 3 timeouts. Let KC burn it down to near a minute. Ran the clock down. Got to mid field and had nothing to work with and went to the locker room with a timeout still. Just flat out awful clock management. Even a field goal there may have change the game.

Couple bad calls/non calls:

The Kittle pushoff. Weak AF. Happens like 50 times per game.

The Mahomes taunting. Gets the ball knocked out of his hands, defender gets hurt. Mahomes stands over him. No call, because the league needs him to be their next Rodgers.