Shaun Wade getting traded before the season starts

I have absolutely no idea why a team would trade for a rookie before he plays a single real NFL snap, or why a team would trade a rookie before he plays an NFL snap.

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Probably wasn’t going to make it in Baltimore and the Pats didn’t want to chance someone else grabbing him once released.

We will probably see it happen a few more times with low level picks moving as cutdown day draws nearer.

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This probably makes it less likely that Ar’Darius Washington gets cut

The team trading FOR him is giving it a shot based on their draft projection for him. The team getting rid of him looked at him up close and personal and determined that he’s hot garbage.

I remember years ago there was this QB out of Arkansas that went in the 4th round to the Raiders. While Gruden was interviewing him for his QB camp I thought to myself “this might be the dumbest QB I’ve ever seen in something like this. He really doesn’t know what’s going on, he just went out and chucked the ball around.” The Raiders (pre-Gruden) ended up releasing him in final cuts of his rookie year. I have no idea how they missed how dumb the kid was, but I guess once he got into the building it dawned on them. :rofl:

There were 2 other teams that picked him up and quickly dumped him as well.

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