Shohei Ohtani - Greatest Athletic performance All-Time?

I’ve never seen anything like it before in all my decades of watching professional athletes.

Not even sure how to describe what Shohei Ohtani has been doing in the MLB this season. Complete domination at two positions.

Could you imaging Ray Lewis at LB then flipping over to offense and being a Pro Bowl QB?

What about Barry Sanders being a Pro Bowler at RB and CB?

I’ve tried to think of other great dominating athletic performances that relate to what Shohei Ohtani is doing in the MLB… and it’s been difficult to come up with many.

Off the top of my head:

  • Phelps in the Olympics winning all those gold medals
  • Barry’s Heisman year at Oklahoma
  • Usain Bolt breaking all of those World records in one event
  • The “Tiger Slam” when Woods was the only golfer ever to hold all 4 major trophies at once.

I’m sure there are more you can come up with. Just complete domination of an athlete.

What other dominating athletic performances can compare to what Ohtani is doing this season?

Can it be done in the NFL?

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Trout, up until a few years ago, added elite defense. Still is elite on base, average etc.

Ohtani strikes out, hits HRs and steals some bases, and that’s about it as a hitter.

So did Ron Gant.

Who is Ron Gant?


The hype train on Ohtani is circling Jupiter.

I’m not saying he isn’t fun to watch or isn’t good. He is really good. But the hyperbole is ridiculous. We got 3 months of this from him at the plate, with 2 previous injury shortened 60% seasons where his hitting put him at about peak Chet Lemon.