Shooting at New Jersey high school football game

At least two injured in shooting at New Jersey high school football game

Jack Baer,Yahoo Sports 9 hours ago


Here’s the moment the shots (at least six) rang out. Pleasantville was down 6-0 about halfway through the third quarter, and punting to Camden. Of course that’s insignificant- just more context.



7:02 PM - 15 Nov 2019

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An awful scene unfolded in New Jersey on Friday. (Getty Images)

At least two people were injured in a shooting in the stands of a high school football game in Pleasantville, New Jersey on Friday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In a game between Pleasantville and Camden, several shots could be heard ringing out in the bleachers during a punt play in the game’s third quarter. No players or referees were hurt, according to one of the teams’ coaches.

Per The Press of Atlantic City, no suspects are in custody, with one official reportedly saying the gunman ran out of the stands, across the field and into the parking lot.

The two victims, an unidentified male and female, reportedly exited the scene in separate ambulances, with the male receiving attention from emergency medical personnel on the field. One of the victims was 10 to 14 years old, according to Jersey Sports Zone’s Mike Frankel.

Warning: the following videos contain disturbing content.

The shots created a terrifying scene, with players and fans either sprinting away from the stands or hitting the deck to take cover.

The game was reportedly a major occasion, as longtime fans told the Atlantic City Press that the crowd was the largest to attend a Pleasantville game in at least 20 years.

Gotta love gun free zones…
If you’re a mass murderer!

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I don’t think you could safely say anywhere in Camden is a gun free zone. My guess is this was not a “mass shooting” attempt a la Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas (etc, etc and sadly, etc) but a beef that presented itself in a public place. Good evidence of this is two injured and shooter flees the scene as opposed to, say, 20+ dead and shooter blows his brains out.

Either way, however, none of these assholes should have been allowed near a gun!

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In a Constitutional America, the second they drew their weapons they would have had 150-200 weapons pointed at them, and they would have known they wouldn’t live through it.
Discouragement they don’t get from knowing the bulk of the police force is 15-30 minutes away.

I’m pretty sure they had cops at that game. And I’m also pretty sure I’m glad 150-200 morons didn’t decide to open fire in a high school stadium.


I can’t imagine how much easier it must be to be a police officer in a country like Australia when the vast majority of people that you have to arrest don’t have a gun. Our police get to face semi-automatic weapons and armor piercing bullets. I wouldn’t want to be a cop in America. I figure some day America is going to change too, logic dictates it, but probably not in our lifetime. The resistance is very strong.

People blame the Parkland security guard, but that guy was making minimum wage and carrying a handgun, and the shooter had an AR-15. This sounds like a good time to quit your job to me. I’m sure when he took the job, breaking up student fights was what he thought he was signing up for. Not countering a maniac with an assault rifle.

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SROs are actual county Deputies.

I’m sure the war on guns will go about as well as the war on drugs.

This type of thing represents a majority of mass shootings in America. What do you think the chances are this was was a law abiding citizen with a legally purchased firearm?