Should be interesting week

I think a few new deals will get done this week


Yes I think teams are asked not to have big news announcements during combine to steal headlines. Its way NFL works to stay important in sports news so many weeks . They can have deal almost done an just hold final paper work.


I’d imagine we try to lock up a few guys before free agency hits. Which is rapidly approaching

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If I was a betting man, I’d bet the house Goff and ARSB are locks. Fortunately, I am not a betting man (although I do occasionally play the lottery. A man likes to dream).

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Do you sleep at any point?

Does a bear like to eat fish?

Do deer like to eat apples?

fish eat GIF by ADWEEK

I was like YES! YES! Y-… wait do deer like to eat apples? Google search. YES!


Daniel Bryan Yes GIF


Deer eat a lot.

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I would assume you live in the inner city. The deer in Pennsylvania just smash apples,

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Things deer eat…

Real…smoked jerky…

Real…venison jerky?

Go buy your grocery store jerky.

Thats fine…

But…its not jerky…

Real jerky…

You could chew it for an hour…and it tastes unbelievable…

People’s think when they buy “jerky”…theyre getting real jerky and real meat…

No…youre not.

Frank Ragnow knows it…

Real jerky…seasoned right in a smoker…

Unbelievable …

New business idea:

Frank’s REAL Jerky…

We got got it…

We got it Ragnow…my guy

I can’t stop laughing. …too funny…

I have too many ideas for Frank Ragnow

The deer by me love the tops of our Hosta plants. They eat that flower about 8 hours after it blooms. I swear they know the day it blooms so they can come get some. It is crazy. And they seem to like to eat it early morning. My wife and I have literally commented that the Hosta’s have bloomed and then get up early the next few days before the sun and sit and drink coffee waiting for the large rats to come and eat. I have explained to the wife how I can stop this from happening but she thinks they are “cute” and pet like. I grew up in the country and they can be less than cute and typically kind of annoting.

And yes Deer love apples. And they also love acorns.

They go to town on our okra

They’re smarter then people think …

I have a whole family running around me…bunch.

They love to shit in my back yard.

St. Brown yes, but I think the Goff deal will be more complicated and take time.

Hope not. We can win without him.

Dont really need him to be honest.

You don’t happen to participate in religious based martial arts, do you?

I can do that I suppose…if that’s what you want.

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