Should the lions trade Hock?

I honestly don’t see him resigning with us. Plus probably get more for him with his rookie contract

My short answer is “no.”

Cool. He’s going to walk away.

Perhaps. This team needs talent and he has it. It is up to the front office to retain him. They need to do their job.

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We have time. No panic. No trade.


Yeah, the Lions should trade Hock, Swift, Decker, Ragnow, Goff, and while they’re at it cut Jamal Williams.


Whats the obsession with trading away good players? How about keeping the few good players we have and try to add more.


Can we keep Hock but instead trade some of the fan base?


No, but I would call the Titans and dangle Jamal Williams. Not moving them unless they offer a second rounder though. They might if they think they still have the ability to contend. I think the Falcons have their second this next year so it would have to be - 2023 2nd rounder.

I doubt they’d bite but worth a try.

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he’s either going to renegotiate or get tagged, if we’re being honest

Makes the exact amount of sense. I’m with you, bro




I’m starting to evolve on this stuff.

This team is such a wreck, is going to take such an extended window to rebuild, that you have to start considering whether the few good players now are meshing with that window. In other words, are any of them going to age out, or command big money that screws up the rebuild?

Maybe magic beanz and a young, cheap team developing all at the same time is the answer. It’s kind of what the Red Wings are doing.

But if you go that route, you need to be sure that Holmes and Campbell know how to evaluate and draft. I wouldn’t say that’s a certainty yet.

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I believe in Brad, so far.
I belie in Dan too, but he’s gonna need a TON of help from the OC and DC (and Fox, of course).

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The only 2 0-16 teams in NFL history had playoff rosters within 2 years of going winless

One of them was our very own franchise.

TJ is 24 and it just doesn’t make sense to trade him.


Ok. I’m out then.

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Yes…to the Panthers.

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And the Red Wings have had bad draft lottery luck, if you get good luck you can get Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews. Them dere are good beans.

If it wasn’t for Hock, we might not have gotten a 1st down yesterday. And that isn’t a joke.

Trading a 24 year old Hock would make about as much sense as trading a 25 year old Quandre Diggs, who now has 11 interceptions for the Seahawks, 17 total in his career.


I was told that it was okay because Will Harris had similar counting stats in the 1st 6 games of 2019 lol

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