Should we pay snacks Harrison?

We know his worth and he outplayed his contract. To me rewarding a player for outplaying his value sends s two messages. We’re paying a professional, because he deserves it and we’re trying to be fair. But it also sends one year phenoms a message, too.

Why? He’s still got two years left, and that last year is at a $9M price tag. Unless you’re suggesting we spread that somehow? Either way, with his age and current rate, I see no reason to mess with it, especially now that he’s in his 30’s.


Paying him what he’s worth, say giving him a bump because he deserved it…a departure but a player friendly gesture to a true pro. I am not saying redo it hut add a bonus he’s sure to reach like paying him more but not a new contract, or add a year with a big bump to spread out for a more commensurate rate.

Yeah, no. Not really in favor of that personally.

Only if the under performing players pay back some of their contract :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pay the man! He’s the best player on the team!