Shut down Goff?

I read Goff missed practice with a knee injury. Should the lions just shut him down for the last couple games? Play Boyle and see if he’s worth bringing back?


I’d say Goff needs to prove it. He hasn’t proven anything other than he has a few good games…Andy Dalton has had more good games than Goff.


He’s not really going to prove much this year. Not with this roster. Like it or not he’s our starter next season. Upgrade the roster and then see how he plays. I’m much more interested to see how Boyle or blough would do with extended time. I think one or both will be gone but they may also surprise.


Not to be a condescending jerk(sometimes texting/posting on a forum can alter someones perception based on perceived tone), and I’m sure you just overlooked this thought…but, how can Boyle or Blough prove anything with this roster If Goff cant?

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I’m playing Goff especially vs the Seahawks because they are very beatable. And we can afford to win and still pick 2nd.

Against the Packers, I could see us sitting a lot of players especially if the Packers have already clinched. It could be a gloried exhibition game. Or it could mean everything to the Packers for a 1st round bye. Time will tell on that one yet.



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I would say Yes, shut him down…but they’re not shutting Swift down so I doubt they’ll shut Goff down either.

Nah. This team has been fighting all year, No way the coaches go against the new culture and pull the plug on guys if they are healthy.



I understand your point so I’ll try to clarify. Goff has several seasons under his belt as a starter. Everyone knows what he is and isn’t as a starting quarterback. Boyle and blough only have a handful games between them. They’re not in the same position as a Goff, who’s trying to prove he’s a starting caliber quarterback, they’re trying to prove that their worth keeping around as backups. Even with this roster you can tell if a quarterback is capable of making reads or running an offense.

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I’d look to upgrade backup qb

Id look to get someone with some mobility.

If you’re not a good enough passer to be a starter…you better bring something else to the table to be a backup. It also makes the other team prepare for it.

That’s my thought

EDIT: Now, you find a pocket passer that you wanna develop into a starter it is a different story.

is back up QB a luxury pick though? Boyle can play pretty decent when called upon…so I don’t see a urgent need @ back-up QB.

Backup quarterback is a luxury until your starter goes down when you’re in a playoff push. It doesn’t effect the lions right now but it would be great to find a good one when we do start to compete.

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from this, I gather that you don’t trust Boyle can step in temporarily while Goff heals?
I’ll tell you I had no faith in Boyle at all/none, until that Cardinal game, that…was an eye opener I think he’ll do. but you can’t convince everyone.
I can get behind a FA, someone Goff has to pay attention to. right now? he doesn’t count Blough or Boyle as a threat to his job. nobody to push Goff to always play his best and not just in this game or that.

I’d say play him…carefully. anything odd and pull him and swap in the B kids.

I’m still pissed at the dirty hit that hurt his knee. Did that dude get fined?

When did Boyle play the Cards ? Jared Goff beat the Cards

it was one game mouse Boyle played in Vikings ? fuck I don’t remember, I’m going through a lot of shit here, not very worried about a game anymore.

I’m holding to the Shaun hill standard. The backup that can execute your offense and win games without making you hold your breath every time he throws.