SI - Updates from around the league including Watson, Rogers and more

I thought this weeks mailbag had some good stuff in it and figured I’d share it.

Some talk about WFT name. The Rogers and Watson situations as well as contract talks about young QB’s.

Take a look and share your thoughts.

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  1. I still say Rodgers plays in GB.

  2. Red Tails is the perfect name for WFT.

  3. Why in the world would any team risk trading for Watson right now?

The only way would be if a team knew something we didn’t know. Houston has a real mess on their hands.

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It’s just ironic to me because many pointed to slay not being Gilmore and how Gilmore was the New England team player

Also happening alongside the Calvin business
And now the ncaa business

As showing there’s a business to football and the players have a sense of their real worth.

So why won’t there be an extension? Because I think Gilmore is solid on his value. He wants a deal in the neighborhood of what the Eagles gave Darius Slay last year. That one was a three-year, $50.5 million extension, and that’s a pretty reasonable target, given that Gilmore and Slay are around the same age, and this would be a third NFL contract for Gilmore, as the 2020 deal was for Slay.

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My friend who is a huge Washington Football Team fan thinks they are leaning towards Red Wolves

I don’t see WTF is wrong with WFT.

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