SIAP: Why the Lions old school offense is working

Grea great article. Really awesome breakdown. Love the athletic.

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The Lions are ahead of the curve?
The …Lions?
Passing to set up the run is the “in” thing, and the Lions are trying the run to set up the pass… and it’s working?


Not to mention, most teams are still out there really flinging it around. I don’t think anyone is ready to change up their drafting strategies or defensive schemes to deal with the 1 - 1 Detroit Lions as of yet. But I think it is rather genius to stay away from the trends because it does put additional pressure on our opposition and perhaps drives us to draft certain players that are not overly desirable to other teams. I hate to use the Patriots as an example, mainly because of my disdain for MP, but I guess I have to.


I don’t either, and I love that…cuz the 1-1 lions are going to be the 10-7 lions that wreck the division next year.
I hope they never modify their strategy.

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Exactly. Sure, teams will prepare for the Lions Bully Ball offense as best as they can, but it will be within the framework of defensive philosophies and rosters built around stopping the dink and dunk pass that’s currently popular. It’s an advantage until the broader offensive tide turns.


So it turns out that having a great offensive line and running game really does go a long way to making you competitive. Maybe Barry was onto to something a generation ago :rofl:


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