Sick of Justin Field hype

Anyone buying the hype on Fields? It just seems like the same broken record with Bears and the media hyping a sub par QB in Chicago. I just don’t see him getting there as a passer. Sure, he’s fun to watch run around the field but that’s not going to win you a ton of games in a passing league


Dropping 30 points a game will certainly win some games in the league. Their defense is holding them back right now.

It hasn’t so far. And what happens when you need that final drive and have to put the ball in the air? Just watch the Lions game and that’ll give you the answer. All the QB’s he’s been compared to (Vick, Newton,etc) could complement their game with some air yards. I just don’t think you can be as one dimensional as Fields and succeed long term in this league


I hope he keeps it up, that whole running for your life WILL catch up to him, the sooner the better.


I’m assuming the shelf life of a RB, ala RG3


He almost single-handedly beat the Lions. I mean they have hardly anybody else. Less than the Lions.

I get the hype. Wait until he gets a team around him.


I would be hopeful if I were a Bears fan.
I visited a friend who is a Bears fan and his biggest complaint was that he won’t just throw the ball away.

Once they get a bit of stability around him, he’s going to be bigger problem for us than he is for the Bears.


When we were dropping 30 a game, wasn’t there still some Goff doubters here?
I tell ya what, either way, they came out of the woodwork the first game we didn’t drop 30.
If the Bears don’t drop 30, there’ll probably be more doubting him.


I don’t know, he seems pretty legit to me. If the Bears ever get any real weapons I think his passing will improve, it’s impossible to judge his passing now because of the lack of weapons at his disposal. He has that “off platform” throwing ability, just needs guys to get open. Give him the weapons that Allen, Mahomes, Tua etc. have and I think he’d thrive.

I do know that they’ll have to limit his rushes if he wants to sustain a long career. There’s no way this type of offense is sustainable in the NFL.

I mean, it’s the Lions. One of the worst D’s in the league especially against running QB’s.

And I don’t get that he will magically just figure out the passing game. I haven’t seen anything showing progress in that department. They’ve just decided to let him run wild, which is working for now but that’s not sustainable


As a QB in the NFL when the only thing you have going for you is your running skills you are not an effective QB. Fields (and other QBs like him) will never do more than win a few games unless or until they learn how to actually play QB and put the ball in the air effectively. Fields is exciting but ineffective as a championship winning QB


Maybe, but isn’t that the same song with every bad QB? Just get him some weapons. I remember hearing that over and over with Harrington and a ton of other bad QB’s

Every QB needs somebody to throw to. Allen didn’t blossom until the Bills loaded up at the skill positions, Mahomes had a treasure chest of weapons right off the hop.

Not saying that Fields is those guys but it’s hard to judge his passing until they get him more help. Visually though, you can see an ultra talented QB that is starting to “get it”. Who knows where he goes from here but he looks to be on the verge of breaking out to me, much more confident than he was early this season. I don’t think he’ll ever be an elite passer but he has the skills to be a very good one in addition to being an elite runner.

Teams will figure out how to keep him bottled up and force him to throw. It’s been three weeks. More and more film gets out on him and the way other defenses play him. I don’t think he’s going to last long enough to put a team around him personally.


He’s got the Looney Tunes blocking for him and the anchovies from SpongeBob are trying to play defense for him.

His wide receivers are Pinky and The Brain.

And he’s still dropping 30 a game.

Why? Because he’s so talented that he can put the entire damn team on his back. It’s what he did in college, at Ohio State, which makes it hard to do. That’s why I was so sold on him. If it wasn’t for Justin Fields, that insanely talented 2019 team probably goes 9-3 and the 2020 team goes .500. Especially in 2020, we were not that talented across the board relative to what we normally are.

Give that new FO a couple of years to put some talent around him and watch him take over.

It happens every single year. A player has a good season and the media run to hype them up as the next hall of famer. Then the nfl gets tape on them and they come back down to earth. Example mark Sanchez and josh freeman. Both were hyped at one point to be the best quarterbacks in that draft class. The next generation of super stars. Both out of the league after a handful of seasons.


That’s what bothers me. I do see fields starting to put it together and I hate it. Just when we’re about to finally be rid of Rodgers we don’t need fields to become a good quarterback. I especially want him to fail because he’s playing for the bears and came from Ohio state. Lol

like that’s a task…as busted up as we were.

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If you are a believer in Lamar Jackson, you should also be a believer in Justin Fields.

He had better WR’s than Goff did last week. Mooney and Claypool is better than St. Brown and the Smurfs.

Fields has been great on the ground though, I give him credit for that. The passing game not so much. In 10 games this year, he has passed for over 200 yards once.