Approaches in game decision making like he snorted 6 Viagra and has clamped a car battery to his nipples.

Sometimes you just have to take the handy that is offered and then move along with your day.

That kind of stuff was cute last year because he was new and he’s energetic, but this is the year he needs to show he can learn and so far I don’t see it


The onside kick was bad…. I thought it was a reflection of how bad the D was playing. But that’s also coaching


Yeah. I think it was an admission that they had no answers for the Philly O.


Yep… ton of energy, but I worry about the smarts.


Brandon Staley just gave up a field goal (again). They’re having some type of riverboat gambler competition

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Do we have an analytics person on staff talking Dan through decisions on the headset?

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Calling the time out during Philadelphia’s 2 minute drill was asinine… the offense had looked like crap and the defense had looked like crap and all you do was give Philly enough time to score.

Work Out GIF


Campbell is like a 16 year boy…all balls and no brains.

You can’t just coach in the NFL with the motto “Go For It!!!” as your guiding principal all day, every day.


That’s certainly how I read it. But this Eagles offense isn’t exactly the greatest show on turf. The fact that they can’t even stop this mediocre offense to the point of needing hokey onside kicks is rather embarrassing.


It’ll be a top ten (maybe top five) offense this year



Honestly, I wish they would not even let Dan have a headset on Gameday.

Just let him Rah-Rah all week then have him watch the game like we do. He might learn something



Oof! That was harsh… :laughing:

I live near Philly and even most optimistic Philly fans I know wouldn’t agree. Perhaps you’re right tho. I’d be utterly shocked. Everyone looks like a potential top 5 offense playing against Aaron Glenn’s squad tho

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They were 12th in scoring and second in yards last year. They added AJ Brown and a year of development of their QB. I don’t think it’s all that hot of a take


Oh god. We had a large, rough thread last year on this. I posted links to analytics sites that showed MCDC wasn’t giving his team mathematical advantages with his game day decision making and the MCDC fan girls were SUPER MAD that someone question him on here.

It’s clear to me he needs an analytics game day manager helping him with decision making - but he needs to lose more in order to have that conversation on here. It’s still the honeymoon phase with the coach.


OMG that one made me laugh hard. HAHAHAHAAH!

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Maybe Ragnow should take MC/DC Fishing…And initiate a conversation about Patience & Decision making?


I’m not saying it’s a hot take. I even said you could be right. I’m just sharing my opinion on the eagles. In fairness the FORTY FOUR they hung on Aaron Glenn last season certainly helped their rankings lol. This year the Lions only gave up 38 so I guess the rebuilding is working potentially lol

(I laugh because it beats crying :sob: :laughing: :joy:

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The rebuild is working. You’re looking at it the wrong way. We didn’t just go from 44 to 38. We also went from 6 to 35. And that’s without big v and jamo.