Sign another TE i think we have 7 or 8 now signed

signed TE Jordan Thomas to a Reserve/Future Contract he is young an big 6’5" and 278 pounds He has shown with few teams i think they just don’t have place for him.

I think he fits the blocking TE Lions have been looking for i mean cost is nothing but if he works out an helps run game great.

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Doesnt surprise me…imo, Brad’s already planning for a potential no Hock future. TJ is more than likely going to be looking to be the highest paid TE in the league when his contract is up; no way can the Lions justify that much cap $ into a TE that isnt a guaranteed, pereninial top 1 or 2 in the league at his position, and TJ aint that.

Hock is under contract for 2 more years before they even have to decide whether to slap the franchise tag on him… signing a street FA has zero impact on their plan with Hock.


Yeah, I think it just has more to do with TE being a flexible body type that can contribute on special teams paired with a shaky depth chart at that position than it is a statement on Hock’s future.

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Just look at what we started doing with our Swiss Army knife FB?!

I think they want a TE that can be multipurpose in the field

I disagree they are looking for a couple of heavy blockers an will pay Hock when time comes.
This guy would be like extra OL man on certain plays.

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