Sign me up for this draft… the draft networks most recent mock draft


I could live with that quite happily.
We have plenty of picks left to get (another) beast DT, WR, and RB.

Buttercup might turn into the beast we have hoped playing between carter and hutch…

Holmes has been nailing his draft picks. Can you imagine if onwuzurike comes back healthy and balls out?

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This is my choice to 3rd round TE

Porter or Ringo…toughy.

Leaning toward Ringo

I think Jalen Carter is going to be something special. Really interested to see how his measurables test out. He is as strong as a damn ox and very quick.

Juice No GIF by Lizzo

My 2 favorite players for this team, I take them 2 when ever I can in the mock drafts. Both would be great fits.