Simmons brown or okudah? What if... who is your guy

Heres a what if…

Chase young is gone…

Lions trade down (to where and picks dont matter)

You are the gm there are no trade offers to move down again and you still have the 3 guys that have been targeted to the lions at some point still on the board. Its down to 30 seconds…

Simmons, brown or okudah? Which one do you settle for? And why?

I would take Okudah first, even if we sign Ryan. Simmons next and Brown last.

I posted this because i keep going back and forth between wanting simmons or okudah.

Both should be big playmakers with leadership and class guys. I love the idea of moving simmons around the d. But a shutdown cb…

Simmons might give more from the start which is why i am thinking he might be the actual pick.

Okudah - elite CB prospect by a long mile. elite CBs are being paid top dollars. lock one up for the cheap.
Brown - run stuffing nose tackle, enough said. can easily be found in free agency at reasonable deals (Danny Shelton)

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Brown, if I’m the GM and my jobs on the line. I sign Ryan as a fagent because Okudah will not be as good in yr 1 and maybe not even in yr 2

Simmons has no real position. We don’t need him at safety, he’s not a Jack, though he’s played all over he’s not excelled at 1 particularly. Great talent but doesn’t fill a specific need for us. Though he has the talent to be all pro, it won’t be this yr.

Brown or Kinlaw is a significant upgrade to the D. We have Shelton who fills the Snacks role, Williams in the Daniels role, Brown or Kinlaw fill Ashawns role and either would be a major improvement.

You then have a deep and good secondary, improved LBer group with Collins that can play Mike or Jack. A vastly improved Dline with depth. One that should be tough to run on and get pressure. Especially if Epenesa or Gross Matos or Baun fall to 35.

If I’m not worried about winning this yr I might do something else. My jobs on the line, DT is still a need and Brown/Kinlaw can contribute at a high level from jump.

So IMO Ryan is the key to how I handle the draft.


Love your thinking, brother. Still begging for the trade down.
Bryant and Hand are both major X-factors for us too. Could turn out good…could suuuuuuuuck.

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Thank you sir, I am 100% with you, would love a trade down. I’d love to trade with Miami and then again with Chargers or Panthers for another 2nd . I’m getting my 4 leaf clover, lucky rabbits foot, and horse shoe out, and gonna see if I can find some wicken witches to cast a spell to help, lol

Oh, and again your spot on with Hand and Bryant, hoping for the former, scared of the suuuuuuuuck, :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d be most excited for a double trade-down. Snag Jeudy, Gross Matos, one of the RBs and a DT or OG

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Well let’s cross our fingers that happens

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I don’t want either player in the top 10. Okudah is a CB, without elite speed and loves to clutch and grab. CBs take awhile to develop, you’re better off finding a vet. Okudah is not an elite prospect. Brown is a DT without elite measurables. He also flashes some bad game tape. He is not a game wrecking DT and not worth a top 10 pick. Simmons is an elite prospect, but is the value there?

If Lions trade back here would be my targets in order:

Herbert- QB
Henry Ruggs- WR
Andrew Thomas- OT
Becton- OT
Jordan Love- QB

I would take all 5 of these guys ahead of Okudah and Brown.

As for Okudah not being an elite CB prospect, practically all analysts/mock drafts disagree.

If you have to win this yr or lose you job, one of those would be your pick?

Ruggs. He is a freak and will do things in this league that only Tyreek Hill can do. He would be the guy I take if I am looking for immediate impact.

Analysts are wrong all the time. Okudah is a good prospect. He’s not an elite prospect, and taking a CB that high is incredibly stupid. There is no value. If Quinn takes Okudah or Brown top 10 it’s a death sentence.

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I see a lot of grabbing in Okudahs game. You can get away with that in college, especially playing for one of the elite teams. He isn’t going to get away with it in Detroit. That and his lack of elite speed might keep him from being the elite CB some think he is going to be.

Simmons has the most upside IMO, but not sure he really has a position. Might take him a few years to really learn a position and reach his potential, or he might just be a bigger Jabril Peppers and never reach it.

I doubt any of them will be busts, but Simmons has the most potential to be an all decade type player.


Ya sorry, we won’t agree here, no offence intended… I’m not taking a WR, the 3rd best at that, because he’s fast When in a win now situation when my D was historically bad in Detroit, just off of the 08 team

As to Brown, his tape shows his game quite well he is dominant. He is always doubled even tripled. His punch, hand usage and push are elite. So he wasn’t a underwear champ at night in what was regarded as a poorly run combine this yr.

9 times out of 10, I’d say go with the long term option. Who do you believe will be the best football player for an entire career. Okudah
But this is the 1 for me. Who impacts your team the most right now? Is there a player that improves his side of the ball right now, day one?
Out of those 3, I’d say Simmons.
But if Chase is gone, not a single rookie defender turns this D from garbage to adequate. (Chase might not even do that).
Boost that O. Try to outscore everyone. Give Matt 37 different options. A true playmaker/difference maker at every single position.
My choice is Ceedee Lamb.


Of those three Simmons for me.

Immediate impact player that can play all 3 levels…

Okudah could take 2-3 years to develop as most CB do… But could end up being an all-pro type.

I’m not gonna be shocked if they daft a OT…

I’d take Okudah over Kinlaw.

I’d take Kinlaw over Brown.

Simmons—not interested. Rather go OT.


Iggy is not alone in his thinking. I watch a ton of Big Ten football and Okudah made a living mugging people. That won’t translate to the NFL. He also had the best pass rusher in the nation doing all of his dirty work. Another fact is that the Big Ten was chock full of garbage QB’s and Ohio State’s schedule wasn’t exactly a gauntlet.

I have a feeling Okudah (if the Lions don’t severely reach for him as Quinn always does), will sink down the draft pretty far. NFL scouts must see what a lot of us see. Dude holds on nearly every play. There’s “physical” then there’s straight up mugging. I wouldn’t spend our 2nd round pick on him. There are better cover guys out there.

Okudah is most definitely not elite.

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