Since 1993

Last time Lions won a game trailing by 14 or more in the 4th quarter was 1993. GRITS N GRAVY.

*somethin, somethin but why do I hate Stafford, for good measure.


That’s a crazy stat.

Good for Dan. Glad to see him get this monkey off his back.


98 straight losses til today


I couldn’t believe that stat. For all the Stafford comebacks seems he would have pulled it off at least once.


I remember that game I’m pretty sure Herman Moore scored the game winner !!! Love it

Dammit, sooooo close to 100! Thanks Dan

We might have pulled it off against the Vikings with Harrington at QB. But Don Muhlbach dribbled the snap on what would have been the game tying PAT.

It was at that moment I knew he was meant to be a Detroit Lion. Though he did have a good career.

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I was at that game. Talk about knocking the wind out of your sails. Everyone knew we were going to win, until, we didn’t.
I’m pretty sure that was the last game I attended.

And then there’s this:

“Going into the fourth quarter, the Cowboys were leading 28-14, but they ended up losing, marking the first time in the organization’s 62-year history that Dallas has lost a game where it held at least a 14-point lead going into the fourth quarter. Before Sunday, the Cowboys had won 195 straight games in that situation, but after losing to Green Bay, they’re now 195-1.”
Packers’ stunning OT win over Cowboys ends this improbable 195-game streak for Dallas -

Improbable is right.

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