Since Fran Tarkenton in '73, no Vikings QB has ever started and played for 2 consecutive years

Pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

I mean, even when Moss was in his prime, they had a slew of guys throwing to him.

Really, not even Culpepper? Wow!

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That one definitely stood out to me.

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Uhhhh, Favre started 29/32 in his two years. Don’t recall if he sat to sandbag for the playoffs,or, whether or not, he was injured. But that is at least misleading.

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This surprised me. I thought Warren Moon would have done that.

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I always felt like Moon was a very underrated. Damn good QB.


No, it isn’t. All you needed to do was look at this on Wikipedia.

During Favre’s second season with the Vikings, he did not start every game. In fact, he only started & played in 13.



Yes, as I stated he started 29/32 games. The only reason he didn’t complete the season and extend his starting game streak is he was injured. So, the statement no QB started for two years is somewhat misleading as Favre would have if not for injury. It’s like saying Stafford was not the starting QB for the Lions since the day he was drafted. It is a technically true statement since he was injured twice. But it is misleading because he was and is the starting QB except for injury. Much of this is relative. I could give a fuck less about Minnesota QB’s.

Lol, that was my reaction too.

It depends on the what the definition of “is” is…

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LOL. I couldn’t tell.

Its an interesting stat that no QB has started all 16 (or 14) games since 1973. But I agree its a misleading headline that’s meant for clickbait. Culpepper was the starter for Minny for 6 straight seasons and played in all 16 games 3 different times…just never in a row.

It does make me wonder how this stat looks for all 32 teams.