Since Stafford has been drafted, 47% of Lions wins have required a game winning drive

Detroit has won 68 games since Matthew has been drafted.

32 of those have required a successful game winning drive.

Do with this what you will, but it’s certainly interesting. It would really be interesting to see the second place holder of this stat, as it’s more than a safe bet nobody else comes close.

Since I love to compile stats, I only included those with more game winning drives than Stafford:

Looking at the numbers, the most striking is how many less wins he has compared to those above. Sure he has played less than most, but even Matt Ryan playing in about 30 more games than Stafford has about that many more wins. When it is all said and done Stafford could be in the top ten of just GWD. Seems to me that the biggest correlation is number of games won, the more you win (you are probably not doing a lot of coming from behind) the fewer come from behind wins you might need to win.

You do realize that 10 HOF’ers are on this list ahead of him right? This is not surprising at all.

The biggest thing is that he has a LOT less wins than almost all of them yet a much higher percentage required him to win on a late drive. This is what happens when you play on a shitty team for 10 years.