Since we discuss entertainment in the Den

Would it be appropriate to post about season 6 of the Vikings here?
Hmmm! Season 6. They call TV shows seasons, too.
Anyway, can’t wait for some real entertainment.

Ever since Ragnar Lothbrok was killed the series has gone down hill imo. The sons are boring as hell and is the reason why the series was cancelled. This is the last season.

They really fucked up by giving Floki a very small part and isolating him from the main group. Ragnar was the star of the show and they should have kept him as the main character. The Walking Dead no longer interests me the same way when the main character Rick left the show.

don’t mind TV/Movie discussion, but should it not be in the OTT of this forum?

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Ivar is evil incarnate. With the Brothers, the spirit of Ragnar is always present.
Now, with Bjorn becoming King, and Ivar working with the English, there is a lot to look forward to.
Constant change is part of life. It adds excitement.
Then, Lagartha is still there and hot as ever!
Alas, this is the last “season”. Rumor has it, there is a spin-off in the works.
I wonder what will happen with the NFL after next season. (That sentence is for you Cub.)

It looks like I’m going to have to lock this thread since I’m not sure if moving it is possible (I can’t find the function). This belongs in OTT.

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Re-opened in OTT


Sorry. I knew what I was doing.
Ever watch Star Trek when they go to a primitive planet? We have no concept of life without TV, or what life was like before mass communication/information. The truth is, we really have no idea what is really going on, other than what our devices tell us to believe.
Are you not entertained?