SI's 5 round mock draft

We end up with…
Round 1- Isaiah Simmons, OLB Clemson (Chase Young goes to Washington)
Round 2- Jaylon Johnson, CB Utah
Round 3- Justin Madubuike, DL Texas A&M and Bradlee Anae, OLB/DE Utah
Round 4- Devin Duvernay, WR Texas
Round 5- Josiah Scott, CB MSU and Jack Driscoll, OT Auburn

This would definitely be targeting many of our needs, especially on defense. What about some of the guys we could have taken instead of these picks? Jonathan Taylor and J K Dobbins both go soon after we take Jaylon Johnson. This one also still has Jalen Hurts available after we take Madubuike.

I’d stick with the best CB available in the 2nd. You can never have enough of them. In the 3rd, I’d have a hard time passing up Hurts from a talent/upside perspective. Chase Daniels is a good backup for this year. He’s not the future though if Stafford’s back injuries flare up again. I’d like to possibly have the future QB on the roster in case that happens. If Stafford is still going strong at 35, then Hurts is a valuable trade asset.

I have to do my homework on most of these picks. I don’t follow college football all that closely these days.

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Really hoping they get a trade down.

I could live with that draft. I’d like to see a RB in round 3 or 4 though.

Can see they actually put some though into the Lions picks for a change.

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I know, it’s refreshing. So many mocks phone it in after Round 2 because we suck.

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I would have taken AJ Dillon instead of Josiah Scott in the 5th.

Frankly, I would’ve taken Okudah instead of Simmons in the 1st, and if I was a bettin’ man I’d say the Lions will do that too if they don’t trade down. Which means they could take Jonathan Taylor in the 2nd, and back to Scott in the 5th instead of Dillon.

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there would be a nuclear meltdown of the Den if Simmons was our first pick.

Nah. Half would celebrate. The other half would be ‘ok’ with it. Same if we took Okudah.

The meltdown would be if we took Tua.


No BS, brah. Simmons is a damn good player, so is Okudah so I’m be happy with either one. Only guy better than them IMHO is Chase Young. So, any one of them 3 is great or a good TD, but if they draft Tua instead then I’m done with them.

The Lions could probably get a trade down from a team that wants Tua and still get Simmons, Okudah, or Williams. That would be ideal. If they can’t swing a trade though, I won’t mind if they take one of them at #3.

Edit- I meant Derrick Brown, not Williams. I don’t know where I got that name. Blame the bourbon.

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I can’t be the only one who hates that draft.


I feel the same way about Okudah.

I’d be okay with Simmons. I’d just hope that MP had a plan to Get the most out of his unique skill set.

I would have a melt down and question my fandom if that mock was our draft.


Well if he drafts him and doesnt use him correctly BQ and Patricia will be gone next year. Maybe the next coach would be able to.

I can get behind it. Preferably after a trade down though