Ski mask already backfired

Postgame locker room celebration from Seahawks.

it’s embarrassing. Hopefully they have a 3d printer for that super bowl trophy they were celebrating after week 1.

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Look on the brightside, you’ll NEVER see a blue mask again.


Yeah. Good, it was a really dumb idea.


I think the problem with the ‘villain’ moniker is, generally villains always lose in the end. we just lost a touch quicker, like during the opening credits of the movie.

This team is not villains more like
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That whole thing is embarrassing , all the talk and go out there and get stolen from. Lol

They got trucked by the Rams last week. Hate the Seahawks. Never liked the ski masks anyways. One win and we’re trying to make a fashion statement I guess.


Please tell me allowing almost 40 points to Geno effing Smith in your home opener … permanently retires the ski mask.

It was dumb before our defense got trucked, and now it’s just embarrassing.

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That’s kind of funny that someone on the Seahawks bought and brought with them a blue ski mask just in case they won for social media clout.

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It tells you they used it as a motivation.

Most likely a coach bought it and showed it to the team and used it as motivation. Then post game a player puts in on.

The nfl is becoming more and more WWE every day.

Players using props, masks, cutting promos left and right. All the media story lines. Villain this, kneecap that. Can we just focus on getting better at football. I know I sound like a bitter old man. hahah

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CJGJ’s cut a serious promo last week. That was straight out of pro wrestling. Kane would have been so proud.
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