Slay activated!

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I feel like the DL is going to make Slay and the rest of the DBs look really good, and may inflate their numbers. Let’s get this guy extended before he leads the NFL with 8 or 10 picks, this season.

Thankful to have him in, for sure. Lots of guys on one year deals and/or the last year of their deals.

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Slay has 2 years left on his contract. So, do you extend him into the 2021 season, knowing you might be paying him guaranteed money for a locked out season? If it’s not guaranteed then he doesn’t get paid if the games don’t happen, and that’s fine by me. But I think he and Harrison want guaranteed money for 2021 so they get paid whether they play or not. Some teams are doing that for their best players this year, extending them into 2021 and beyond. But I’m not sure that’s wise for guys on the wrong side of 30, and I’m not big on willingly paying guys for not playing.


Good point. Wonder what the likelihood of a lockout is in 2021 though. NOBODY wins in that scenario.

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I see both sides, but, from a business stand point, extensions are foolish, and could prove detrimental to the future financial strength of the team. Gotta figure it’s the same story in every city.


Glad to see him back and extended.

I can’t find anything about him getting an extension, dude. Glad he’s back though.

My bad, must have got it from this thread somehow.

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