Slay and Ramsey

If this hamstring thing is going to keep him out a bit, I’m wondering if we fork over a pick or two for Ramsey. Supposedly we’re in the running, even if the Jags are pretending they don’t want to trade him.

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Dione says Ramsey wants to come to Detroit.

I believe he is dating/engaged to Golden Tates sister

They have a child together as well

If we believe we have a shot at getting to, and winning in the playoffs over the next couple of years, we have to really consider trading for the guy. I mean, if there is truly a window opening for this team to compete for long playoff runs, you just have to do it, right?

Is she in the middle TN area?


Who, Slay and Ramsey?

Man, he’ll probably be the best cornerback in the world.

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Damn this guy needs to slow the hell down

I enjoy his shows, though.