Small But Important Distinction

All of the mods have a descriptor user their name.
Under Nate’s name, it says “Leader,” which is true…however, I feel “Godfather” is more accurate, as he literally created this thing.
Vote if you feel Nate should be called
b)Leader (that’s like calling Jack Fox “punter”)

  • Godfather
  • Leader

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I agree, Nate keeps this group running no matter how hard it is to do so, without him…there would be no ‘DEN’.



LOL - just pointing this out to you…Godfather! :wink:

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Man, it’s definitely the off-season.


Not for long, buddy! :wink:

How about the GrandMaster!!! haha must be the offseason for sure.

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Tony Robbins is The Godfather of Modern Day personal development.

Nate is The Godfather of the MF’n Den.

Just my lens.

LOL → going straight superhero stuff.

i cant old school GIF

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“Ring the bell, you fuckin’ pansy”

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