Smokey's Trade Idea

The Lions send the third overall pick to the Chargers for picks No. 6, 37, 71 and 112

He has Lions taking Brown I would take Kinlaw instead at #6

We could get a OT to replace Decker next season in rd 2 an not rush him an likely get a good rookie CB also an not rush him.

Then have 3 picks round three an other picks to move around


I would then leverage that # 6OA and move back again for more picks

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I would prefer getting next year’s pick instead of getting more picks. Just give us their 1st, 2nd and next year’s 1st.


That would be IMO way to much but maybe 2021 second would work for me We don’t need more in picks this year I would want the second along with #6

Spot on. Any bad teams’ 2021 first round pick is golden.

Never know though. If they really want their QB they may do it.

I’ve been taking about this for awhile. I don’t see it happening, but it would haul us a top 10 pick next year.

What we really need is a top 2 pick to nail Fields or Lawrence. With Quintricia gone,keep Bevell and hopefully a good haul from this year’s draft and start over.

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Well if you’re getting pics for Quinn to make, then you are destroying any reason to make the haul relate to this year.

I like Kinlaw but if Brown is there, you take him. He’s already at a level that Kinlaw projects to reach. And I like your trade scenario too.

I actually like Fields then Lawrence. I would be happy with either.

I think it’s really close. Both are fantastic prospects

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And, if you’re a Lion fan, you know whomever they hire as a GM will pick the wrong guy. Even if they pick the right guy, the GM will have the wrong coach and millions of fans would have made better choices. That is your fate.

Here is my trade idea we offer to switch our first round pick to any team for absolutely no return, if they will make our picks for us. Then we hire someone from the den to coach them, fire all the real NFL coaches because we know more than they do. Then, we pool all of our resource checks and pay for the Lions to move to another city after we convince some other idiot to buy the Lions.

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I understand what you mean but the level your talking about is not consistent…Brown an maybe it is just in college but doesn’t give his best on every snap now we all have off times but he lets say has more take off times than he should.

Thats why I like Kinlaw Some people just give more all the time an he does an IMO will become better than Brown . Both would be ok I prefer Kinlaw