Snacks says he is reporting Wednesday

News at 6 and 11.

Good news.
Our front 7 was night and day better with him on the field.
No word on Slay yet, but hopefully the negotiations last week helped.

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Great news for our defense. I don’t think Slay will hold out either, or if he does it won’t be for long. But it’ll get interesting next year about this time.

Yep, and then Flowers goes on PUP

Yeah, but from what I’ve read, I think that it ain’t a major problem. Just a precaution.

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SO hoping this is true. Not going to worry yet. LOL.

Slay will report according to Birkett

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Snacks from Day 1, Flowers healthy, LBs have another year in the system (no learning curve), upgrades in defensive backfield…Were already ranked 10th last year, even factoring some early season catastrophes!

This defense could very likely be ranked between 1-5 in the NFL. They are coaching to, and adding talent that makes plays, and I believe the turnover ratio will be up.

With changes in the offense, we will likely see higher time of possession, which helps the D too. I think we’ll win the battle of field position most weeks. If we have a good +/- turnover ratio, we should win a ton of games, just on those factors alone.

O should be muuuuch better in the red zone too. Hoping OL can be good, as I still don’t trust them.

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