So Davante is tagged. What now?

It seems unlikely that he’ll play under the tag. Foretell the future for me.

I think when the season starts, Rodgers will be targeting Adams with results and touchdowns for GB.


Adam’s signs for somewhere around 3 years 65 million. 45 gt’d.

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Yep, the tag allows them lots of time to work out a long term deal. Worst case scenario they can’t get a deal done and trade him for 2 first round picks. They will get a deal done for sure. Rodgers and Adams are connected at the hip as many of us have been predicting for months. Always was going to be both back or neither.

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How the f do they have money?

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I think we’re almost to the part where Bane blows up Lambeau Field.


They will backload the heck out of Adams deal, they are going all in for next year. And really they should because the NFC north sucks and Brady retired and Russel joined the Broncos.

The NFC is wide open. And the AFC is loaded.


Green Bay will have no money left for anything else, right?

They keep restructuring players contracts. They are so screwed in the future.


I get that, but maybe the so called lions should do the same.

He will see what Williams got an you can tack on likely 10 mil a year
Chargers and WR Mike Williams reached agreement on a three-year, $60 million deal that includes $40 million guaranteed and $28 million in year one, source tells ESPN.

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Davante is gonna get something like 3yr/90mil-4yr/120mil. There’s no way he signs an extension that doesn’t make him the highest paid WR in the league.

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Four questions:

If Davante signs the tag but not a new contract with the Packers, how do they get past the new league year without more massive cuts? The refs can’t help them here. A huge signing bonus for Rogers still will be a big hit in 2022.

Will Davante ever have more leverage over the Packers than in the hours before the new league year?

If Davante hasn’t signed the franchise tag before the new league year, his $20M franchise salary still counts against the Packers cap until they rescind it? Is that correct?

How likely is it that they tag-and-trade?

I might be clueless, but I’m not questionless. :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:


@Sofatso asked for ideas regarding what he could get…

Perhaps he does get more than what I am suggesting… @coyote12 has a really good point…your point is extreme…very unlikely he gets 30 million. He may want 30 million but for now, they are more willing to pay 20 versus 30. He also wants to play with Rodgers for the rest of his prime and Rodgers career…pretty confident he doesn’t get 30, 25 maybe…30 no shot.

Is there really a salary cap or is that some vicious rumor for bad teams?


such a confusing moment…who do you root for? Batman, or bald dude? I was so torn, confused, and conflicted. Too much stress.

Better scene than when Bats escorts a nuke into the harbor and we flash forward to him daintily eating high tea finger sammiches with Leggy McRebelBabe

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Pennyworth didn’t even say hi or give him a hug. Total letdown.

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It’s easier to move money around than fans think it is.

Fans said the same thing about the Saints who pulled it off for 15+ seasons. Always way over the cap to start almost every season.

Last year they were 100 mil over to start the season and still signed FA’s, tagged Williams etc. This year their 75 mil over to start.

Their not the only team doing it. Look at some of the loaded rosters around the league.

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If Adams signs and plays on the tag, there will be cuts and there won’t be many UFA signings (either their own or outside). One Smith for sure and likely Cobb, M Lewis and Crosby.

Adams has more leverage now than ever before and not signing the tag is his leverage.

Tag and trade is unlikely, I don’t think Rodgers would come back without a plan for Adams to be on the team.