So does Jerrah fire McCarthy?

I think he’s got a woody for Kellen Moore and doesn’t want to lose him. I say he fires MM on Tuesday.

And WTF was Dak thinking running at the end of the game? Overall a very sloppy effort by the Cowboys.

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I thought Dallas would ultimately win.
I thought they would lose the fist fight part of the game, which they did, but I didn’t expect SF to be that much tougher than them.
I figured JimmyG would suck, and he was in the ballpark from what I’d expect from him.
I was wrong about how well Dak, and I thought he’d do better.
I was wrong about Dallas having more home runs in the game.

SF deserved that win
Dal Deserved that loss.

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So this QB draw … apparently they practiced this strategy all season. Really? Nobody spoke up and said, “hey guys I don’t think the risk/reward profile for this strategy is all that great.”


Kellen Moore called the draw play, so why would he fire McCarthy over the call that cost them the game and hand the guy who made the call the head coaching position?

That was the designed playcall by Kellen Moore.

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The play itself actually worked. They got the ball closer. Would have made for an easy throw to the end zone in the next play or opened up more options on the play call. Throw short and lateral maybe. Just options.

It was the execution on the play that sucked. Dak didn’t go down early enough. Didn’t give the ball to a ref, instead gave to his center. The team didn’t get the bleep out of the way for the ref to spot the ball.

Now is that how they practice it every week, as they say they do? If so, then that’s on the staff. If they actually practice it correctly, giving the ball to the ref and such, then it’s on the players for folding under the pressure.


A run call is stupid in that situation.
You must have a TD. You are at the 40. It’s a passing league. No TO.
You HAVE to throw the ball. You ARE close enough.
Hell, from there, Dak could have had two hurls to the endzone.

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We can do something that has a lot of inherent risk of failure, that is guaranteed to take more time off the clock and requires perfect execution in crisis mode from 11 people AND the refs…


We can throw 3 sideline or end zone routes.

What we just saw was The Bobquinning of a situation by an OC.


Had they needed 3 to win or force OT, then I could see that play working. It’s a terrible play to run when you need a TD and only have 14 seconds to work with and no timeouts. There was a reason San Fran left the middle of the field wide open.


If the goal was to get off one more play from 10-15 yards closer, it should have worked out. Dak should have slid earlier, handed the ball directly to the ref, etc… If Dak doesn’t lose his mind they should have been able to get off one more play.

The question should be, given the overall situation, why the strategy would be only to get off one more play from 10-15 yards closer. That seems like the 4th or 5th best option there.


@Thats2, I agree.

Having 2 plays from the 40 sounds better than 1 from the 25 or 30.

I forgot how much I hate that guy. Riding Aaron Rodgers jock for so long and pretending he was so great. I don’t even hate the Packers as much as I once did. And now I remember why.

Right, or even try and get closer with an quick-hitting out route to get out of bounds, like we did in that last drive against Minnesota. SF was guarding against that, but so were the Vikings.

I disagree simply because it limited the amount of plays available. I think you can still get two more throws in there.

Now he’s on a stacked Cowboys team. He is probably the luckiest coach in the history of the league lol.

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Because the word is Jerry loves Kellen. McCarthy can be blamed for not having his team prepared. Not complaining, I took the 49ers and he points and peeled a little cash away from a coworker and all around Cowboys slappy.

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And still has his team falling well below expectations with some eye-crossing clock management. He’s a master at that.

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Two pass plays from the 41 have how much of a chance for success? It takes time for the receivers to get to the end zone. A play starting from the 28-30 gives you a better chance at a completion. Ball is in the air much less time.

They literally needed one more second. It took a comedy of errors for them to not have it.

I gotta say I loved watching the ref pinball between Dak, the center, and the guard. But what I really loved was watching the dejected Dallas fans in the stands. How about the chick that was crying? Priceless.


CBS set a record last night, near as I can tell, for borderline trolling fans.
Why not, right? Everyone wants their clicks and likes on Tik-tok, Twitter and Facebook. Here you go, you’re on national TV.