So Harbaugh just named Grant Perry

Captain of the Michigan football team. He is an idiot. The gash grabbing Grant Perry is still on probation for his sexual assault. Good look for the Wolverines.

One of four captains for the bowl game, with two of the original captains sitting out.

And technically he was on probation for the felony of running from officers, the misdemeanor assault was dropped as part of his plea. And the probation, I believe, expired in August

He’s apparently a leader in the locker room and one of the few seniors playing on offense so I get it. But I also agree, on the surface it’s not a good look

This is one of the reasons all lawyers should be gathered up on a ship and we should sink the ship. For this skeezy fuck to get away with the sexual assault and intimidation without it appearing on his record is straight bullshit. Hell, the judge should be disbarred. He commits a sexual assault and battery and menaces the victim and he pleas guilty to fleeing from a police officer. For all the people worried about this poor inebriated bastard, he was tried under the Holmes Youthful offender act which will remove any trace this ever happened from his record. Entitled athlete grabs women by vagina, nothing happens. The day he gets off probation, the assault never happened and the university made this assclown the representative of the team. It should come as no surprise, that is the rape culture to which I referred. If “Me, too” is out there, where is the outrage. Sorry, you can’t use this in a political race to unseat somebody, but it seems the message should be, if you assault a woman, certain things should be beyond your reach in public life. Representing the University of Michigan in any way should be one of those things, let alone being held up as an example and a leader.
Somebody will undoubtably step in and call her a gold-digger, accuse her of following him and excuse his behavior because afterall, he is just a poor under-aged drinking bastard who got caught up in youthful drinking. Not an uncouth, predatory, misogynistic entitled bastard who freely assaults women any time he feels like it and who knows he will get away with it after doing some community service.

And for all the sanctimonious people who are going to say something, you never know if you are dealing with a female who was the victim of such an attack, a relative of someone who was attacked, a law enforcement officer who dealt with similar attacks, or the orphaned child of a woman who gave up her child rather than look at the spawn of one of the men who perpetrate those attacks or all of the above.

Grand stand much? I’m not going to hold my tongue based on the fear that someone “maybe” encountered something similar in their past. This PC culture thing has got to stop. I bet she never went out to a bar again bc of this :roll_eyes: he paid his debt and he moved on, obviously Michigan has as well. He’s obviously making the most out of it after this altercation as he’s lauded as a leader and great human by his teammates… Ya know, the ones that see him day in and day out and know who he really is.

As opposed to the woman he sexually assaulted.

There is the account. That is who he really is.
Believe what you want. I hope he dates your daughter and treats her the way he treated this one just so you can re-read the accounts of what a great person he is with renewed perspective.

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Allegedly… Was he charged with sexual assault? Nope

These types of encounters happen daily between men, men and women, and just women… We’re a violent and selfish species. Everyone has been a victim and everyone has been an assailant in some way or another.

He was charged with two counts of sexual assault 4th degree. If you are going to lie at least try one where it cannot so easily be refuted. He pled to felony fleeing from a police officer to avoid being required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Do me a favor and read the article.

Edit: Personal attacks aren’t necessary if you want the topic to remain open. -A
This is the Holmes youthful trainee act. If you want to turn your attention to section 11, subsection three, paragraph b it tells where this is not applicable for an offense which requires registration as a sex offender.

What are the listed offenses?
Pursuant to M.C.L. 28.722, the following are the listed offenses that require registration in Michigan. Juvenile offenders are only required to register for Tier 3 offenses.

These are the offenses for which you have to register as a sex offender. You will note the fourth bulleted item states fourth degree sexual assault for which the defendant Grant Perry was charged twice. Just once, I’d like you to know what you are talking about.

Tier 1
Child Sexually Abusive Activity or Material Possession (M.C.L. 750.145c4)
Aggravated Indecent Exposure, if the victim is less than 18 years of age (M.C.L. 750.335a3b)
Unlawful Imprisonment, if the victim is less than 18 years of age (M.C.L. 750.349b)
Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree, if the victim is more than 17 years of age (M.C.L. 750.520e)
Assault with Intent to Commit CSC in the Second Degree, if the victim is more than 17 years of age (M.C.L. 750.520g2)
Capturing/Distributing Image of Unclothed Person, if the victim is less than 18 years of age (M.C.L. 750.539j)
Any violation of state law or local ordinance that by its nature constitutes a sexual offense against an individual who is less than 18 years of age
Any offense committed by a person who was, at the time of the offense, a sexually delinquent person
Any offense substantially similar to a listed offense under a law of the United States, any state, or any country or under tribal or military law

I read the article.

It’s compelling.

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I know this is a heated topic, but please leave the personal attacks/snide ass jabs to yourselves unless you’d rather discuss it in the OTT.

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Maybe Harbaugh really is leaving, and he decided to rip one in the elevator before stepping out.

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Yooper I’m with you on this one. Been in law enforcement 22 years…its almost impossible to convict someone on sexual assault charges. I hope the kid grows up and learns from his mistake, but that was a stupid stupid move by UM allowing this.

I guess charged may have been the wrong word, but you know what I was getting at. I don’t personally think that being an aggressive dickwad warrants “sexual assault” just because she said he “grabbed the most personal part of my body”. By that logic any time I’ve had my ass slapped or dick punched by a friend back in the day, I was being sexually assaulted, give me a break. He’s an entitled ass on that night, doesn’t define the other 7,500 days of his life thus far. The fact that you want to demonize people over some momentary bad decisions and ruin the rest of their lives because of it is way over the edge in my view. Again, we’re going to have to agree to disagree with this one too.

Look at things from an experienced perspective. Guy tells you he had two beers. 99 percent of the time he is lying. You can tell by his eye movement, you can tell by his coordination, you can tell by his affect, hell, you can smell alcohol oozing out of the pores of some of these guys.
Everything gives the lie to his story.

A guy gives you the business about his gang affiliation but he is flagging the gangs colors, his shoes are laced the way gang members lace them, he is sporting a new tattoo gang members wear, he’s wearing the colors. He is lying.

Here, you have a victim relating what happened. It is not contested. He didn’t deny it. He evaded it. His lawyer made it so the sexual assault and even all the police record of it disappears including the fleeing and assault on a police officer. None of the actions he took are actions which can be viewed as the actions of an otherwise good guy.

He fled from the police and resisted. Innocent people do not flee. Upstanding good guys don’t grab vaginas indiscriminately and menace the person they grabbed. It is not an aberration. It is predatory.

One last thing, a guy pleas to a felony versus just a misdemeanor, that means it is a bad misdemeanor. He was charged with two bad misdemeanors. An ass grab and a subsequent snatch grab. It is bad enough that he grabbed her ass. Not polite and certainly an intentional assault for sexual purposes. But, he didn’t stop there. Her grabbed her snatch and squeezed, a second misdemeanor. That is a deliberate second act of sexual aggression, taken after the consequences if the initial assault were met with resistance and revulsion. Then he glowered at her and said some rude shit. Those are not the actions of a drunk copping a feel. That is a sexual assault followed by gross intimidation which I have called menacing and a second deliberate sexual assault.This is not a hospital visiting, philanthropic leader, this is a sexual predator. Top it off with the fleeing and the assault injuring a cop and you have a thug, not just a drunk college student and definitely not someone who should represent a tax payer supported university athletic team.

You experience it enough times, you can tell when someone is lying. I can look at a guy whose telling me nothing happened. I can see the pulse in his neck and forehead, I can see his chest heaving. I can see him looking to see if I am buying it. When he says Sarge, you have to believe me and I simply state this isn’t my first rodeo and you didn’t just hit him one time, there are three knots on the top of his head and boot prints from where you stomped on him after he fell. And you stabbed him seventeen times. By the way, what did you use an ink pen and he can’t help but smile when you say it. He’s lying. There are a hundred ways to describe it. This guy here was 100 percent guilty and he started evading the moment authorities showed up. He was charged and he pled guilty to the legally more serious charge rather than be convicted of the two CSC IV charges. All you have to do to stop these behaviors from being so prevalent is stop making excuses for the guys who do them? Seems so simple, yet even in an open and shut case there are people here who have no stake in the case, stating falsely, he wasn’t charged, he was just a drunk teenager, whatever…and that is a rape culture, where entitled predators continue to do whatever they want to the women who are just there.

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