So: How many wins next year for you to be satisfied with this regime?

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I think Most people are feeling semi positive about the way the second half of the season went. But lets ask the real question. We all knew this season was going to be a train wreck. Next season though, is enough time to demand results. What record do you feel is acceptable at the end of the season next year? This regime is now on the clock, and needs to be held accountable. I don’t care about excuses, injuries etc. What record is acceptable in year two of this regime? 8 wins is my absolute minimum in order to have any faith in this regime going forward. That is still a losing season, but at least its a marked improvement from an extremely low bar. Let’s get ourselves on record so we can’t make excuses for the good old Lions org at this time next year.


There needs to be a unified vision inside that building that they are going to make the playoffs next year. That absolutely should be the goal they are shooting for.

The schedule very much allows a playoff run. In fact, if we make the playoffs next year and don’t the year after that I wouldn’t be too shocked.

I feel like Dan knows that, and will inject that attitude into anyone he needs to.

That said, 8 wins would be a good season. But that doesn’t matter.

Making the playoffs is the goal. Anything less should be considered a failure.


Somewhere between 7-9 wins. Team staying relatively healthy. If hit by a unseemly amount of injuries to critical positions, then that changes things. Lose both Goff and Boyle (if he returns) early in the season for the season, that makes a difference.

I expect them to stay in the playoff chase for the season.

I expect 2023 to be the year they really make noise.


I think it would be good if they can step up their game and get more wins than Patricias worst season next year.

It’s kind of embarrassing having less wins than Patricia’s worst season. I hope we don’t do it again

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Realistically? 7. That would be enough from a 3 win to show sustained progress. We think this really is a 4-5 win team w/o the very strong SOL storm this year.

8 is better, but if the team shows this culture and energy and fight, even a 6 win yr would be enough for MCDC to be safe.

It’s an easier schedule, the talent should be appreciably better and the sheer # of young guys we had this year means even with some of them regressing, thr overall level of play from that group of

Sewell,Sun God, Brown, Jokwara, Barnes, Alim, Levi and all 5 of the young corners (includes Okudah) should be a net positive.

Rokwara should be a net positive and Brockers can’t be worse. Ragnow back a net positive. MCDC having an off season to work on X/O is a net positive

Net negatives could be Walker leaving…annnd…ummm…not much else.

7 is my minimum but I wouldn’t be surprised to see 9 wins next year…would take a lot to go right though.


I’d also add that we need to consistently beat the bad teams.

IE. Jacksonville, New York x 2, Carolina, WFT, Chicago x 2, Minnesota x 2, etc.

Of course they aren’t going to win all those games, but they should.

If Green Bay loses Rodgers and Adams, 10-7 is very achievable with new coaches in Minnesota and Chicago.


7-9 wins, and at least be on the playoff graphic by December with a shot.



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I most agree with Weeze’s take on what would be considered minimally acceptable.

Also, I Don’t think we need to worry about minimally acceptable… As these cats are going to win 10 games next year


Well, they won 3 and tied one and should have won 6 others. So, if the ball bounces the Lions way in those other games, they win 10 games this season with a very inferior roster. So if they can’t win at least 10 games next season I will be surprised if they can get a few players in FA and the draft.

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I’m in the 7-9 wins would be demonstrable progress camp.


So that begs the question…

10-7, 6 seed, close playoff loss to say Tampa

What’s your outlook on MCDC and the season after?

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I can’t get myself down to accepting 7. They should’ve come away with 5 this year, and with so many returning from IR and a good draft and Free agency, I think 7 would not be enough for me not to be disappointed.


I’ll judge them by the player development just as much as the record. If they don’t come out of this draft with immediate impact starters then that’s not good.

I have to say that Goff has probably taken QB off the board. His play has been so much better late in the season.

Wins aren’t the be all for me until you reach contender status. Which won’t be next year.


I saw definite progress in Goff towards the end of the season.

He quit throwing the ball out of bounds on fourth down!!!

Or maybe DC just stopped going for it on fourth down … one of the two

But yes I agree we’re definitely not taking a QB in the first three rounds now


Agreed, Goff has been like night and day. I went from thinking they absolutely had to move on from him, to thinking that they can field a winner with him. Glad Im not the GM


I won’t set any minimum bar
You see a team like SF tonight
If they had lost, they’d have had a 9-8 season
And they are considered a strong team

Next years schedule will be much easier
Goff has played like a keeper the last 5 games
Emerged since MCDC took over play calling
It’ll be tough for him to let go of play calling now
QB whisperer?
Hard to argue he isn’t

So much adversity this year and they end on a high note

So many young guys making tremendous progress — we’ve never seen anything like it

My God, if they can elevate the players again next year, from the current base ….

This is all so very different, I will be surprised if we don’t have a solid FA period (which may include mostly C Harris+ type pickups) and another solid draft.

Lions fever will run high next summer!!!

2022 season is set up for a Lions run of a worst to first type season. Why the f&$@ not!!

To me it depends entirely on how many holes we end up having to fill this offseason. If we brought back everybody I wanted to bring back, we have about 12 open spots. Of those 12, many of whom are starters, who are rookies and who are vets? If it’s all rookies and we’re suffering injuries AGAIN, then I’m as low as 5 or 6. If we get a couple-few key Free Agents, that minimum goes up closer to 7.

Rookies will be rookies and we still have a couple 2021 rookies that will have to prove themselves next year. We may still take a step or two backwards with being unable to re-sign some of the 1-year Free Agents that looked worth keeping this year.

But the more important question is, what will it take for you to change your avatar?

More wins in a season then Patricia had in his worst season

No crying from the head coach after a loss for the whole season