pissed would you be if

…the Lions used their top pick on that TE coming out of Iowa? TJ Hockenson. Dude is getting Gronk comparisons…

I would not be happy…at least trade down 10-15 spots to get him. We need an edge rusher (or Greedy) if we stay at 8.

Just my opinion. I’m not 100% opposed to an early TE but not at 8 please.

I just finished watching every one of his snaps from the Penn State game… He’s a good blocker, a capable receiver and a good athlete. BUT, he’s not a game chanager, he’s not worth a first round pick in my opinion. I’d be VERY pissed if he was our pick in the first.

I dont care who we pick @#8 as long as that player is a probowl quality talent…if that turns out to be a TE, great. Just dont miss on this pick, regardless of the position.

Super pissed.

Like, I’d go into full on Hate mode if they did.

WTF do I know?

The kid might be an awesome player in the NFL. The bottom line truth that nobody every admits is that NONE OF US KNOW.

So are you telling me we have fans that have suffered this long that would actually stop being fans based off of a pick that hasn’t even been given a chance yet?

I say they’re full of shit, for one.

For two, once again – none of us know. That’s why I don’t get draft parties. Who cares? Nobody will know if the pick was worth anything for at least a few months, and sometimes up to a few years.

The draft is a party. Best way to spend a couple days. No stress, non stop football related TV. No need to invite anyone else.

That’s what I call a legitimately sad party.

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When they started draft coverage on TV and I no longer had to listen on the radio for the picks, well that was a party. Hell, it was a party when I didn’t have to wait a couple of days for the picks to come out in the newspaper I don’t need alcohol, drugs and other people to have a good time. I have been following the draft longer than you have been alive. It is the culmination of months of research. It is sad you can’t get through a day without running someone down and judging them. Of course, that’s your modus operandi.

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Um, congrats I guess?

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LOL ok. I sense some projection.

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Pity party, that’s what its been…

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I wouldn’t stop being a fan if they drafted a TE at 8, but my enthusiasm to watch the Lions games next year would be severely diminished

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Hockenson wasn’t a game changer. He’s a project. 3rd round or later.

Gronk was bigger with more TD production.