So, on the bright side

After week one, the Lions are tied for first place!!!


All we gotta do is beat Rodgers and the Refs in Lambeau on monday night football to stay in 1st place, ha ha no chance of that.


mr freeze polar vortex GIF

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Having to play Aaron Rodgers, at home, after a beat down, with no one to cover Davante Adams, the Lions are headed for 0-2.

The last time we beat the Packers @ Lambeau was because we smashed Rodgers and knocked him out of the game in the 1st quarter. I’d bring blitzes all day from every angle trying to smash the old diva. All it takes is one shot, he’s old and brittle. lol


I’m hoping for an epic shootout a la Chiefs vs Rams game with both teams scoring 50+ and the Lions, having been the best 4th quarter team through the preseason, pull out the win.

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That’s just week 17 in 2011 for Lions fans. Aka “the Matt Flynn game.”

Ugh… the Titus Yupong no catch…