So, the next 3 weeks look fun

@ Philly
Home against KC
@ GB



Could be brutal

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Technically that’s the next 4 weeks :grin:


Brutal four game stretch. We’re 1-0 so far

Gonna have to play better football. I’m still waiting for that great DL pass rush to materialize. I guess the big guys just aren’t quite in game shape yet.


Honestly, we can beat Philly and GB. And at least we have KC at home. We could easily be 3-1-1 after that stretch which would be fantastic.

Better to play in GB now than in December.

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We have to be able to run the ball better or we won’t win one of those games.

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I said before the season, if we can go 3-3 over the first 6, I believe we will easily make playoffs. After watching Chi, MN, and GB play a couple of games, I think we can still make playoffs if we are 2-3-1 after the first 6.

I think we smoke GB on their own field. 2 weeks to prep for them.

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This year I think our only chance of beating GB is at Ford Field.

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KC is a video game offense. Watching them is not like watching real life football. The Lions are going to get waxed like most other teams do against KC.

Philly coming off a loss… Lions have a huge scheduling advantage going into GB. 1-2 over this stretch for a 2-2-1 record after 5. Most fans should be doing cartwheels going through that gauntlet and finishing 2-2-1.


Yes. I think we get GB

IF we could steal one of the other games…that would be fantastic. But I am expecting 1-2 over next three as you say

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Lions will probably use a similar Chargers game plan against the Eagles.

JD or JRM will be spying those mobile QBs like the Arizona game. Keep them in the pocket.

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I’d be content at 2-2-1 after that stretch.

GB defense has been ok to solid so far. The offense has played 1 good quarter. For as great as Erin is made to be, he doesn’t or hadn’t read the defense for crap this year. I watched a very good breakdown on game 1 on GB offense, the biggest issue? Rogers. He refuses to take the designed check downs instead going for deep shots. This offense is designed to be on time and rhythm. Rogers insists on free lance still. There was already rifts between HC and rogers today, they of course are down playing it but one packers reporter thinks it’s a growing concern

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Not only a loss, but they got kind of f’d injury wise. While we’ll be getting Davis back.

They haven’t impressed me as a totally dominant team. If we can get up early and not screw up FGs and returns, we have decent enough chance.

Stafford’s not going to have a good day, though. Gym Shortz knows him well enough to mess with him.

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Could likely be the case. I would really like to see the guys put it on Gym Shorts.
We are going to need the defense to really show up, if we’re gonna win next week. Tough game on the road.

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So far, the DL has been the most disappointing part of the team
I expected much more … will it come?


I think the absence of Hand and Davis has limited the D so hoping to see both back soon.

oddly enough I don’t think that’s what the dline is supposed to do, really. I think they’re supposed to just clog the middle and if they happen to get some pressure that’s an added bonus. Rivers looked like he had all day most of the time.

I think Philly is primed for a loss.

Lot’s of injuries and Wentz just isn’t the same guy he was 2 years ago.

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