So there's a chance!

We just MIGHT end up with a real back up!!!


Dang, how old is that SI writer, still in HS?

Saw a clip of DC addressing Levi’s status, he is trending up, albeit at a slow pace. Levi has done everything we have/are asking of him, at this point I can tell you he is out vs Philly.

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“It’s hard to say right now,” Campbell said. “I would say there’s no set backs. He’s trending the right way but it’s at a snail’s pace is the best way to say it. He’s doing everything we’re asking him to do, it is getting better. I don’t know, you’re asking me right now, twisting my arm, I would say he’s not available for Philly. That’s me, but we’ll see.”

At a snail’s pace doesn’t sound very good to me.


Levi is gonna get me with the “Bryant principle.” I was ready to cut Bryant 2 years ago. LOL. I am not expecting much from Levi, but I’m also not counting him out (at least nowhere near as much as I counted Bryant out.

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Hey now, he wants you to know he’s 18… and a half!!

Just pulled up his info, and he’s a junior at CMU. Fire Up Chips!


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I am ruling out adding a new backup QB at this time, and not just because I have oppositional defiant disorder.

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Our backup QB for this year isn’t on our roster. I dont care for either of ours, they’ve both been ineffective. I like Blough a bit more only because of his bulldog mentality. He just doesn’t have the field vision. Boyle is just balls all the way around. He doesn’t do anything well besides throw the ball hard. I guess it pays to have Billionaire Parents.

Levi should be on PUP. We need the roster spot.

You could be right, the problem with picking up a backup after training camp and preseason is it would take the new backup several weeks, potentially months to learn the offense. Not great when your backup QB doesn’t know the playbook.

That’s news to me!? His folks are loaded rich?

Not eligible for PUP sadly since he practiced already in training camp.

His Dad either owns or runs columbia sportwear. They’re loaded.

yep…. plus… a team can’t dress 53 guys on game days.

Depending in how a team works the new rules…
48 players is the max that can dress on game days.

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Understand the playbook aspect. Theyd keep one of the B’s around until hes ready i’d imagine.

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I don’t think he’s related to that Tim Boyle.

LOL - I love that. Friggin’ Mismatcher! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just the opposite. I saw Bryant play and I thought the guy belonged on the roster and in the rotation if he could stay healthy.

Levi hasn’t shown me anything to make me feel he deserves an opportunity in the rotation. I just don’t think Levi is NFL ready and I honestly believe the Lions are using the injury excuse to hide the fact that he’s not NFL ready. He doesn’t have NFL strength and my guess is he’s struggling to get down the fundamentals needed to be successful as a 3T.

I think this because there were several times last year that Levi said he was 100% and then he didn’t play. When Dan was asked they brought up the lingering back problem. I think it’s an excuse they have made to help take the pressure off of Levi from fans and media.

I stated way back in the spring that I didn’t think Levi would be NFL ready before the start of the season and that I expected another injury to rise up and keep him out. So I’m not shocked in the least bit.

If Levi weren’t a 2nd round pick I’d say he’d be a roster bubble guy. He’s sitting on the roster soley because of his draft status. He hasn’t earned it.


He doesn’t qualify for the PUP because he was active in camp before the Lions decided his back was still an issue.

It’s the IR or active roster for him.

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The IR can be just 4 games so they can give him more time. You make it sound like your all knowing in fact you miss things or hind site stuff . If he remains on roster the cut day the next day they can put him on IR an he could come back If they do it before the 53 he is done for season Levi.

How about you let Holmes an staff work out needs to be done I am sure if they want your super input they will contact you.

I like reading your opinions just wish you just didn’t make like you were 100% correct which we know your not.

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