So when can he play?

I love the film of Williams. I love that this team got aggressive and moved up for a player they coveted. When healthy, it’s clear what this kid can bring to the table.
The question remains:
When can he actually step on the field for us, and be that guy we all see?
Is week 10 a conservative guess? Do folks think he’ll be the starting outside WR for opening day?

Jameson said he think he will be back for training camp. If I remember correctly, I read he was told it was a 6-8 month recovery. He has almost 8 full months from the time he was injured to opening day.

Personally I think you don’t rush him back. If he is healthy enough to play opening day great, if not take it slow.


I hope they’re very very patient with him.



I’m reading that ACL recovery time can typically range from 6-12 months depending on the injury, the surgery and the rehab.

Williams tore his ACL on January 10th. He’s not even 4 months out from the injury and is already running and lifting weights. That makes me believe Williams will be closer to the 6 month than 12 month recovery window.

So, even if they are cautious with him he could see the field as early as September (9 months from injury). They could be more cautious and put him on the PUP which would have him back by October. No need to even think about that today though, especially considering his recovery pace to date.


He’s working out like that already???


Yeah, it looks good.

But the real stress on the ACL occurs when doing things like cutting, i believe. So all that stuff in the video is a great sign, lots of work to go though for his rehab i presume.

I’m guessing he goes on the pup and returns in October. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.


Thought I read this am timeline is October.

He was saying training camp but who knows

Take it slow for sure. The NFL season is already so long with 17 games, no reason to rush him. I’d say early October would be a good time frame, pup him on the PUP list for the 1st 4-6 weeks of the season.

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From what I’ve read, I don’t think PUP would be neccesary, but we have a long way to go until the season. I would not give him a full time role early in the season though even if he avoids PUP. Let him get 15-20 snaps a game early on just to get his feet wet. Reynolds is serviceable in the meantime.

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It’s mentally ready for me….

Bring him along slow….

No rookies dropping a game winning TD to end the game again

I trust our coaches!!

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Chark will be the deep threat while Williams recovers. And then we got 2 deep threats. Look out, this offense could be explosive.

I really like this WR group. Chark, Willams, and St. Brown is a legit top 3 and is very young.

Plus Reynolds, Cephus and Raymond. Great depth behind the top 3. 6 guys that could all get some playing time.


Food for thought…

In six quarters against the first defense in NFL history to have five players taken in the first round of the same draft class:

Jameson Williams:
11 catches, 249 yards, 2TDs


He will probably be ready to play week 1 to be honest, but I think the staff holds him back the first month of the regular season.

If he doesn’t get injured, Bama probably wins both games and the national championship. The best defense in football had no answer for his speed.


If he’s back in October that would be awesome.

This offense should have some good juice to it.

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I guess it depends on how bad the tear is but good lord modern medicine is incredible.



Aaron Rodgers just said on


his favorite receiver in the draft was Jameson Williams👀👀





Haha love it!!! Rodgers is going to be watching from the sidelines, Williams beat the shit out the Packers D!


Packers fans probably pissed THEY didn’t trade up and get him.