So who is fixing this defense?

First time GM, first time HC who was a TE. So who fixes this mess of a defense? This is depressing, I see no DC’s out there the excite me. Maybe I am missing someone, throw some DC names out there that could make this defense at least average

You have to stop using the term “this defense”. There is no such thing. We do not have a defense.
The question is; who is the future DC and what system will we be playing in?

The answer from me is that I don’t know. I like Wade Phillips and his ties to NFL history through his father. He’s been fired a couple times, even after reaching the superbowl, which makes you wonder what the issue is. Still, I’d be super-stoked to see a guy with his credibility and experience come to Detroit to put together a defense that would cause Rodgers to crap himself twice a year.



Kris Richard - Seattle DB coach Legion of Boom :boom:, D coordinator, Dallas DB coach
Aaron Glen - DB coach Saints
Raheem Morris
Kris Kocurek - SF but he’ll probably be going with Saleh to the Jets
Wade Phillips

Campbell is going to motivate them to tackle better, fill gaps better, run faster, cover longer and create more turnovers

The good news is, we only have one way to go from MP…and that is up.
If the next regime can at least make us decent to middle of the pack, I’d be ecstatic with that.

all of this.
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Ha… Autocorrect

We need some more lightheartedness around here…

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Lol “defense.”

That was a random scattering of players on the field.

I would be fine with raheem Morris